Wedding DIY: How to make your Photo Book unique

By Photobox on 29 July 2021

Wedding DIY: How to make your Photo Book unique

Take those (sometimes overlooked) keepsafes from the big day and add them to your Book for an extra personal touch that keep the memories going too.


Take a handful (or the leftovers) of your unthrown confetti and arrange it around the photos in your Photo Book. You could even add some between photos as a ‘transition’ page between scenes. It’ll take you right back to that joyful moment the bride and groom got married.


Nothing could be more beautiful than perserving the wedding flowers within a Photo Book. Place your chosen blooms between two layers of plain, absorbent paper, and place heavy books on top (a telephone book if you still have one is great). Let them dry for two to three weeks just to be sure.


Whether he had the audience captivated or it didn’t go down *quite* how you imagined, the best man’s speech is a big part of your wedding story — make sure you get a copy (or the original if you can) to scan or stick into your photo album.


From silk Potli bags to ornate gift envelopes, make a wedding Photo Book full of the smallest of trimmings that made the big day that much more special. Keep them all on one page or dot them throughout for a surprise feature.

Ready to make your Photo Book? Let’s go!