Bucket list travel destinations for 2024

By Photobox on 12 December 2023

From Mexico to Mongolia, here are our top picks for your 2024 getaway!

Make 2024 your most adventurous year yet with this bucket list of hot travel destinations. Whether you dream of travelling in Europe with your family, South America with your partner, or Asia with your friends, these are the best places to travel in 2024. Discover up-and-coming new hotspots, brand new rail routes and an ease on travel restrictions that’ll make adventure more accessible than ever. Wherever you choose to visit in 2024, you can be sure to make enough new memories to fill a thousand travel photo books.

So read on and get ready to make some seriously exciting new memories!

1. Chile

Whether you’re into gastronomy or the great outdoors, Chile has something to put a smile on your face. This glorious geographical marvel boasts everything from salt flats and volcanoes to glaciers and fjords. Hike the peaks of Patagonia for a once-in-a-lifetime expedition. Or stroll the art-filled streets of Valparaíso, where you’ll be tempted by local wines and creative cuisine. With a brand new president in power, and big plans to boost tourism, travellers have never been more welcome in Chile.

2. Albania

Frequently touted as “Europe’s rising star”, Albania boasts stunning natural beauty with its crystalline Adriatic coastline, and a rich culture shaped by its Ottoman and Communist past. 2024 is set to be an especially exciting year for Albania, with more visitors than ever before, largely thanks to a newly invigorated local tourism scene and exciting new air routes making it faster and more affordable to get to than ever before.

3. Mexico

Mexico’s vibrant streets are alive with fresh and zesty cuisine, colourful markets, live music and more art and culture than you can shake a piñata stick at. And with the 2024 launch of the country’s ambitious new train network, you can bounce from hotspot to hotspot in style. The Mayan Train Network is set to be Mexico’s first official long-distance passenger service, tracing more than 1,500 kms of the stunning Yucatan Peninsula. Hit up the Caribbean beaches of Oaxaca or discover the ancient Mayan ruins. And if you time your visit carefully, you could even see the 2024 solar eclipse while sipping cocktails on the powder-soft sands of Mazatlán.

4. Egypt

With its unique transcontinental location, straddling the northeast corner of Africa and the Sinai Peninsula of Asia, Egypt is undeniably one of the most culturally interesting destinations on the planet. And then of course there are the world-famous sites to explore. Pose by the Great Pyramid of Giza and take selfies with the Great Sphinx – if ever there was a series of photos to print out and proudly display on your walls at home, this is it. And with the new billion-dollar Grand Egyptian Museum set to open at the start of 2024, there’s never been a better time to set off on your Egyptian expedition.

5. Mongolia

If you’re dreaming of a true adventure filled with life-affirming discoveries, Mongolia simply has to feature on your 2024 travel bucket list. Nestled between Russia and China, this one-of-a-kind land is alive with culture and geographical marvels. Lose yourself in the vast open plains, or take to the mountains to witness the legendary Mongolian horsemen at work. Masters of archery, wrestling and eagle hunting, these skilled custodians continue the traditions that date back to the days of Genghis Khan. And the best thing of all: Mongolia’s exciting new tourism campaign for 2024 will see an ease in visa restrictions, with the hope of welcoming more travellers than ever before.

6. St Lucia

The Caribbean’s crystalline waters may well be the stuff of your wildest tropical dreams, but they’re not the only reason to jet into the unparalleled paradise of St Lucia. The island’s tourism office is making giant strides to make 2024 all about promoting the local cuisine, culture and history. Visit in July and get swept away by the legendary St Lucia Carnival, where you can dance to the calypso rhythms and taste your way through mountains of classic creole cuisine. Can’t decide whether you’re craving a lazy beach holiday or a culture fix? Head to St Lucia in 2024 and enjoy the best of both!

7. Croatia

Famed for its sensational coastline, ancient old towns and dramatic mountain ranges, Croatia has become increasingly popular among Europhiles in recent decades. Wondering why a visit to Croatia in 2024 is a must? Croatians are known for their warm hospitality, ensuring you’ll be welcomed with open arms. Whether you’re drawn to vibrant traditional folk dances or eager to explore the diverse cuisine, each region offers a delightful culinary experience. In essence, Croatia caters to every taste and preference. Are you ready to be captivated by the beauty of this enchanting land?

8. Bologna

Celebrated as one of Italy’s leading gastro hubs, Bologna is a magnificent medieval city where life revolves around the ‘la dolce vita’, or the good life. It’s always a good time to visit Bologna, but summer 2024 will bring even more reasons to visit this legendary city break destination. The Tour de France will commence in Florence on the 29th June. However, much of the race will be whizzing through the gorgeous twists and turns of the Emilia-Romagna region, of which Bologna is the capital. If you can pull yourself away from the gelaterias and trattorias, there are a number of tour companies providing cycling experiences throughout the region. So you can say you’ve cycled some sections of Le Tour! Or of course you could just have another pizza and watch it from afar.

9. Victoria, Australia

Sun, surf and… hot springs?! Put the surfboard down, step away from the BBQ and prepare to be enchanted by a different side of the Aussie lifestyle. Victoria’s brand new Great Victorian Bathing Trail will connect the countless thermal hot springs and sea bathing spots along Victoria’s sun-kissed southern coastline. Set off from Melbourne, or take a wellness focussed road trip from Portland to Merrimbula. Visit in 2024 before word gets out and enjoy soothing sunny days that’ll have you dream of moving ‘down under’ permanently.

10. India

The world’s most colourful country is the ultimate fix for the curious wanderer. From rickshaw-buzzing cities to temple-topped mountains and Himalayan trekking trails, there is literally more to explore than any traveller could ever dream of. And in 2024, it will all be more accessible than ever. Not only will newly established flight routes make it infinitely easier to zip to India from Europe and America, but the recently revitalised railways will also be providing a more comfortable and authentic immersion into Indian culture.

What adventure will you have? Whether you decide to travel to one or all of these top travel destinations in 2024, be sure to enjoy every second and take lots of photos. Print your favourite memories in a vacation photo book and cherish them forever more.