The *best* personalised gifts to give to a teacher

By Photobox on 21 June 2022

Teacher gifts 2

But before the final bell rings, why not surprise your favourite teacher (or teachers) with a personalised gift? Here are a few teacher gift ideas so you’re top of the class in the next school year.

For nursery & primary school teachers

These teachers start the school journey with you, from when you’re learning colours and shapes, to when you’re nervously taking your SATS and getting ready for ‘big school’.

That’s why gifting them something special and personal is a perfect way of saying ‘thank you’ and that you’ll never forget them, even when you’re graduating university.

Gift ideas for nursery & primary school teachers: Thank you Cards & Photo Fridge Magnets

Our thankyou cards come in handy packs of 10 so you can gift one to each of your teachers and teaching assistants. A small gift with a big impact, our thank you cards are fully customisable, so you can add your own photos and text (you can even gift one to your favourite dinner lady).

Photo magnets are suuuuper simple to create and act as a great, small gift you can give to your favourite teachers. Add your photos and the best part? They come in a pack of 9, one for each of your teachers.

For the favourite teachers

You never forget your favourite teachers. Maybe they explained Pythagoras’ Theorem to you (just before you sat the Maths exam) or they were a person to talk to when school work got hard.

Whatever reason you have for your favourite teacher, gift them something special to return the thanks.

Gifts ideas for your favourite teacher: Photo Mugs & Desk Canvas Prints

Teachers and mugs go hand in hand (a staple for playground duty), so surprise your favourite teacher with a personalised mug – it’ll be the talk of the staff room. Grab a photo to go on the front of the mug(maybe a group photo of the class?) or a funky pattern or colorful landscape that’ll melt away the day’s stress of marking essays.

Brighten your favourite teacher’s desk with a Desk Canvas Print, small enough to fit amongst their classroom essentials. They’re a fun reminder of what a great teacher they’ve been and much more personal than a pencil sharpener set.

From the whole class

If your teacher is universally loved by the whole class, why not get them a gift from everyone (including the class pet goldfish)?

Teaching a class of 20 plus kids who all need help on the tricky maths questions can be tricky, so brighten their day with a class-wide gift created by all the students.

Teacher gift ideas from the whole class: Year Photo Books & Personalised Photo Jigsaw

Into a new class, which means, a new teacher too. Celebrate your previous teacher by gifting them a class-wide yearbook with all the fun things you did throughout the school year. Sports day, the trip to the museum, the school talent show, add all these special moments to a yearbook.

Or try the photo jigsaw to really challenge your teacher’s brain (payback for all those spelling tests). A personalised jigsaw is the *perfect* gift for those teachers who love puzzles. Use a photo of the whole class and make sure it’s a good one (no one likes low quality snaps).

For the super organised teachers

The start of a new school term calls for a trip to the stationary store; pencils, sticky tabs and binders galore. Teachers are super organised, but sometimes those handy pieces of kit they use on a daily basis can be quite, well, boring.. Don’t you worry, we have just the thing for them.

Gifts for the super organised teachers: Personalised Desk Calendar, Exercise Book, & Mouse Mat.

Meetings, parents evening, the school disco, a teacher’s schedule is very busy so having a desk calendar could help.A personalised desk calendar? Now that’s something to be proud of. Customise their desk calendar with fun background themes and colours, and even start the calendar in time for the new school year (we’ve thought of everything).

No one ever thinks of gifting a teacher an exercise book but what will they use to jot down important meetings notes, or a fun new way to sing the alphabet? Choose plain or lined pages (plain for the art teachers, lined for the English teachers) and then pick a front cover and a colour theme. Why not bundle in a personalised mouse mat with their exercise book too? A teacher’s dream present.