Inspiration on creating a school photo book

By Photobox on 29 March 2023

Fill their photo book with their achievements, from sports clubs to school trips, and everything in between. Creating a photo book is a great way to spend an afternoon in the school holidays, and you’ll have something for them to get excited about showing their classmates.

A* for all their achievements

If your week consists of one after school club after another, take this as an opportunity to let their achievements shine. From football medals to arts awards, use this photo book to show off their school achievements. Think of it like a time capsule of memories from their academic days, plus something to bring out at family parties.

Pick a bigger sized photo book if you’re going to use it for their schooling achievements – bigger pages = more room for them to shine.

Wrapping up the school year

School year books are something special to give to the kids to remember their time in class (even those lunchtime detentions). Pop in a photo of each class member and photos from memorable school trips (the aquarium, the zoo, perhaps the time when the teaching assistant fell in the river on the teddy bears picnic). You can also scan the kids’ *best* artwork, poems and short stories and upload it into the photo book for that extra personal touch.

If you’re wanting the full school year book experience, leave some pages towards the back of the photo book blank of photos and instead, use our Editor to add good luck messages or the class’s favourite school moment of the year. Or create a section of the school photo book for different categories; Most likely to become famous, Best artwork of the year, Best goal of the year… The kids will *love* knowing their achievements are being treasured for years to come.

Let the kids get creative

Take this as an opportunity to get the kids involved in the photo book creation process, whether it’s your own kids or their whole class, letting them have some creative freedom will make the photo book *extra* special.

Start creating their photo book and let them make *all* the executive creative decisions, from background colours and stickers to which photo goes where. Whether your kids choose the theme or which of their favourite school moments go where, or get the whole class to pick their favourite colour for each photo book page, the end result will be top of the class.

Decisions, decisions

Now *all* of our photo books would be a perfect place to showcase all their school photos. You can adapt each photo book to their academic achievements and favourite schooling moments.
However, here are some of our *absolute* gold star photo book best sellers that are A+ when it comes to displaying their favourite moments; A4 or A3 Personalised Photo Book for highlighting their school achievements, from football trophies to science fair medals, the Square Softcover Photo Book for a perfect keepsake for your little one and all their class members and the A4 Portrait Photo Book – its sleek and simple design is the perfect gift for the whole class to wrap up their year.

Now you’ve got *all* the inspiration you need to create a school photo book for your kids or their whole class, visit our website to see the full range of photo books or for more information on how to buy our photo books in bulk.