How to make personalised gifts from your kids’ masterpieces?

By Photobox on 6 July 2023

Your kids are budding artists, but sadly, you don’t own an art gallery to display all their masterpieces. Even more so, your fridge door is full and you wonder what you’re going to do next time they bring you new ones. Don’t worry, we’ve got a solution. How about bringing your little ones’ drawings to life with personalised photo gifts?

Selecting your kids’ masterpieces

You have at least 16 drawings on the fridge and about 65 other flying papers crammed into drawers and folders. The first step is to narrow the selection down. Sit down with your little Van Gogh wannabes and ask them to help you decide which ones to turn into photo gifts.

Once you’ve agreed on a number of respected works of art to print, lay them out – preferably under natural light – and snap a photo of each of them or just scan them. Now you’re ready for the next step.

Choosing the right gift for the right family member

Want to create the most unique gifts for the whole family? We’ve got a wide range of photo gifts to choose from so pair each one with a specific giftee and have fun with it.

Dad’s a bit grumpy in the morning? Print his smiley stick figure on a Photo Mug with a lovely message from the artist to make his mornings *that* much sweeter.

Turn your little one’s bedroom into a private art gallery and print her best work on some Wall art. Go for a set of our restickable Photo Tiles for mess-free walls or for a Collage Canvas to print several drawings at once and gain some precious time.

Your little ones are worried grandma might get bored after babysitting the whole weekend? Pop a vibrant watercolour painting on a 500-piece Ravensburger Jigsaw, complete with a metal tin to keep all the pieces in one place.

Can’t forget about grandpa. Why not help him stay young and alert by printing 12 different sketches and doodles onto memory® Game playing cards? It’s also a game he could play with the kids on a rainy afternoon. Just picture the scene.

Your little artist is turning a year older soon? Don’t run to the shops just yet. Sit him down, give him all the crayons you have in the house and ask him to draw his dream birthday cake. Upload the result on a set of 10 folded birthday cards and once they arrive, write down the names of his best friends and invite them over for a slice of cake. Get ready to party.

Going through all that artwork has made you particularly proud of your little Van Gogh’s artistic growth? Now’s the perfect time to create a Photo Book. Just choose the one you want, upload all that beautiful art in one of your Albums and we’ll lay the pictures out chronologically for you – you’ll be able to re-organise them by style if you prefer. Approach backgrounds with a ‘less is more’ attitude; you don’t want to overshadow the splendour of your kid’s drawings. Just complete your photo book with captions describing each masterpiece and a few matching stickers for the more obscure ones (Is it a bird? Is it a plane?) and you’re set.

But now that you’ve emptied your fridge door, you find it a bit sad-looking? This is our last tip. Shrink both your tiny artists’ artworks on Fridge Magnets and add a – small – dose of pop and uniqueness to your kitchen.