Photobox hacks for the best wedding photo book ever

By Photobox on 15 July 2021

Wedding DIY: How to make your Photo Book unique

Creating a photo book is great fun, and even more so when you’ve got a few tips and tricks up your sleeve.

Opt for a Lay Flat book

These premium-style books remove the centre crease so you can display your landscape photos seamlessly across two pages – *perfect* for the shots that deserve all the detail, from those scenic views of the venue, to that large group photo of you and all your guests.

Use Easy Create™

Think of this as your virtual wedding book planner. First let us know how you’d like your book to look by answering a few questions, then we’ll design a personalised version by arranging your photos using a variety of different layouts. Add it to your cart straight away, or edit to your heart’s desire.

Borders and backgrounds

Choose a colour theme to match the wedding, or keep it white to let all the snaps do the talking. Mix and match between standard colours, gradients, and textured backgrounds to really bring your snaps to life.


Create a narrative of the day with captions around your photos. They can also add an aesthetic appeal through your font choice. And don’t forget about adding a title to the cover as well.


Small details are the perfect way to tell your story, so cosy up with Photobox on desktop and get creative. Whether you opt for watercolours of flowers, stars, or champagne flutes, they’ll help bring you back to where you once laughed, danced, and smiled on your happy day.

Ready to get creating? Take your pick from the range of photo books here.