How to make a pet photo album

By Photobox on 8 February 2022

How to make a pet photo album

As a pet parent, it’s very important to  show appreciation for your pet babies – that’s why we’re giving you all the pup-dates on how to create a pet photo album.


To create a pet photo album you’ll need, well, photos. So have your camera roll ready to fill those pages. We know that pet owners love to take photos of their sidekick so why not turn them into a pet photo book and add it to your shrine at home?(We know you’ve got one already). From photos of them dozing in the sun to those fancy dress costumes that are ‘funny for the gram’, all of your snaps are no-doubt perfect for your pet photo album.


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If you’re already thinking of pet photo book ideas, let us help decide which photo book is best for you. Whether it’s a dog photo album or a cat photo album (maybe even onefor your budgie?), our range of photo books have got you covered.


A4 Personalised Photo Book: With enough pages to fill with your pet snaps, this photo book is great for showing off your furry friend. Customize the front cover and spine for some added personality.

Little Moments Photo Book: Take your pet pics straight from the ‘Gram to the page with this photo book. Our Editor makes it easy to create and the square-shape of this photo book is perfect for Instagram snaps.

A4 Lay Flat Silver Halide Photo Book: A premium photo book for a pedigree pet – the silver halide pages are our highest-quality paper, giving your pet photos that professional photoshoot feel, seamlessly.


A5 Small Softcover Photo Book: This photo book is perfect for new pet owners who have fewer photographs (for now…).With 26 pages (and space to add more), you’re sure to fill this pet photo album in no time.

Softcover Photo Journal: Think of this photo book as a scrapbook. This pet photo album is almost notebook-like with space to write cute captions about your travels with your pet. ‘16th March – Buster knocked over the plant pot onto the rug but made up for it with his puppy dog eyes’.

You’ve finally chosen a pet photo album, you’ve got your snaps at the ready and now it’s time to create. Head over to our Editor to make your masterpiece and discover all the customisable features too. You can change the backgrounds (to suit the mood of the photo) and even add cute illustrations. You know, just to add even more cuteness.

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