How to gift wrap a mug: a step-by-step guide

By Photobox on 9 May 2017

How to gift wrap a mug

Have you thought about filling it with chocolates as well? (Obviously, you get to eat the overspill.) But wait, how on earth do you gift wrap a mug? Let’s have a look…

To wrap one standard-sized simple mug you’ll need

  • 1 x large sheet of cellophane (from any good craft shop)
  • 2 x large sheets of coloured tissue paper
  • 1 x gift tag (or just make a hole in a piece of card)
  • 1-2 long lengths of colourful ribbon
  • Scissors

How to gift wrap your mug

Step 1: cut your ribbon

Guestimate the amount you’ll need- depends on whether you want to go big or small. Use two different colours like we did, if you want.

hands using a pair of large scissors cutting green ribbon wrapping a gift

Step 2: lay out the wrapping

Cellophane first with the tissue paper on top. Then place your mug in the middle.

hands placing a mug on tissue paper ready for wrapping

Step 3: get wrapping

Bring the corners of the tissue paper up, over the mug. Repeat with the cellophane.

hands wrapping a mug using tissue paper

Step 4: tie your ribbon

Neatly tie a bow around the top of your wrapped mug.

hands wrapping a present using tissue paper, cellophane and ribbon

Step 5: write your gift tag

Say whatever you like, from a simple Happy Birthday or ‘Can’t wait to see you’, to explain why you picked that photo. Tie the tag onto your ribbon and you’re done. Mug gift wrapping – made easy!

a gift wrapped mug with label

You’ve made the gift-wrap bold and colourful, ensure the gift inside compliments the wrapping. Mugs can be personalised with bright images and themes.

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