How to create a photo book for Christmas

By Photobox on 10 November 2023

A Christmas photo book is one of the most thoughtful gifts out there – and creating your own Christmas photo book is easier than you might think! Dive into our guide on how to create a photo book for friends and family, and explore some of our best Christmas photo book ideas.

We all know the feeling: we’re searching for the perfect Christmas gift, only to settle on something that somehow just misses the mark. A Christmas photo book is a gift with heart, turning your shared memories and moments into a beautiful keepsake that will bring a smile to your loved one’s faces for years to come. And the best part? Whether you choose to start with one of our festive photo book design templates or create your masterpiece from scratch, creating a Christmas photo book gift with photobox is simple.

Christmas photo book ideas

The beauty of creating a Christmas photo book gift is that it can be anything you want it to be – a Christmas photo album book filled with snaps from over the years, a baby book filled with your little ones’ first milestones, or a wedding album to celebrate a special anniversary. With our specially designed Christmas photo book templates, you’re free to sprinkle as much festive magic as you want on each page. Here are five simple steps on how to create a photo book this Christmas.

Step 1: Choose your story

The first step to creating a great photo book for Christmas is to decide on the theme of your book. So, first things first: think about what you want your book to show and who it is for. A family year-in-review for the grandparents? Some of your amazing adventures over the years for your bestie? Or your love story for your partner? Once you’ve got your theme and your recipient, you’re on your way.

Christmas photo book idea: One of our favourite festive photo book ideas is a compilation of Christmasses over the years. Make it a fun family activity, and spend a few cosy evenings diving into your camera rolls and going through old Christmas albums for a memorable gift for the whole family.

Step 2: Choose your design

Choosing the design of your photo book is the next step. Scroll through our photo book templates and pick one that catches your eye. If you’re going for a festive feel, explore our beautiful Christmas photo book designs, or if you’d prefer to start with a more minimalist design, take a look at our wide selection of fantastic photo book templates. Remember, all of our designs are completely customisable, so you’re free to change the colours, fonts and layout as you wish, as well as add illustrations, graphics and text.

Top tip to create a photo book from scratch: If you have a clear vision of your photo book Christmas gift, you can also choose to start with a blank canvas and let your creativity shine. Choose everything from your colour scheme and fonts to page designs and fun photo formats.

Step 3: Upload your photos

Now it’s the fun part – uploading and arranging your photos! We’ve got a ton of features that make the process simple. You can directly upload your photos from your camera roll or social media platforms in our online, desktop or mobile editor or upload from your laptop, computer or tablet. When it comes to converting old photo prints into digital copies, use a traditional scanner or download an easy scanning app.

Easy photo transfer tip: Our mobile photo transfer feature is available on the photobox desktop editor for both Mac and Windows, making uploading photos even more straightforward. With just a QR code scan, you can seamlessly transfer photos from your mobile device to your photo book project. Plus, if your friends and family are on the same WiFi network, they can easily upload their photos, too!

Step 4: personalise your photo book

Crafting the perfect Christmas photo book goes beyond arranging photos. It’s about adding that personal touch and making the book resonate with the recipient. Remember, these individual touches elevate a photo book from a collection of photos to a heartfelt journey down memory lane. Here are a few ideas to personalise your photo book gift to perfection.

Create captivating captions: Annotate your memories with names, dates or locations. Go the extra mile and use your imagination to give the backstory of a surprise gift or share that quirky family joke that got everybody laughing. These captions can become heartwarming footnotes, allowing your loved one not just to see the moment, but to relive it.

Add some festive flourishes: to make your photo book extra Christmassy, dive into our treasure trove of Christmas-themed graphics and illustrations! Introduce a dash of festive flair with twinkling snowflakes or maybe a cute Santa hat perched on a family member’s head. From holly leaves to snowmen and candy canes, we have a huge selection to ensure every page bursts with festive cheer.

Remember some special touches: Consider using different fonts that resonate with the festive mood or perhaps varying backgrounds to distinguish between different festive occasions. If a photo captures a moment from the Christmas morning present-opening frenzy, frame it with some decorative wrapping paper graphics. Snaps of a memorable snow day? Add a flurry of snowflakes!

Include some quotes: Alongside your snaps and captions, peppering your photo book with quotes is a great way to add festive cheer. From your favourite song lyrics to quotes from your favourite people, these work beautifully on a blank page, giving some white space to your photo book.

Step 5 – Check your photo book and print

The last step in how to create a photo book is to have a final check. Flick through each page of your finished photo book, make sure everything looks just the way you want, and there are no sneaky typos hiding in there. Once you’re happy, hit print and wait for your Christmas masterpiece to arrive!

Here is a quick checklist for your next photo book creation:

  • Think of your theme – what’s your story?
  • Pick a design template or go freestyle.
  • Choose and upload your pics.
  • Add your own words and sprinkle on some Christmas magic.
  • Final check and print!
  • A Christmas photo book isn’t just another present — it’s a thoughtful gesture with a personal touch, celebrating moments of joy, shared experiences, and the bonds that connect us.

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