How many photos fit in your photo book?

By Photobox on 24 June 2019

With our phones, tablets and cameras we’re taking more photos than ever before – but just how many photos can you fit in your bonusprint photo book?

It’s estimated that we now take a combined total of over 1 trillion photos a year. Now obviously, we want you to get more from your moments – but even we might not be able to fit that many into one of our photobox photo books. We’ll try and answer all your questions, from how many photos does a large photo album hold to how many slots are in a small photo album.

How many photos does a large photo album hold?

This is actually entirely up to you. There are up to 120 pages to fill in any of our large or small photobox photo books, so plenty of room for all the photos you have. But let us take you through the shapes, sizes and some of our experience in layouts so whether you choose a large or small photobox photo book you can make it the best it can be.

Try to plan the book you want before you start designing – do you want to have one big photo per page, or more like a classic photo album with multi-photos across the page? What’s the theme of the book? Something like a wedding is more likely to have fewer but bigger, more impactful pictures, while a book about your travels would tend to have several photos on every page.

Whether the photobox photo book you want is small, medium, large or extra large, you can add from 24 – 120 pages so there’s plenty of room for you to get your photos in (it’s really easy to add pages if you need to while you’re designing as well), and all our photo books come in three shapes:

  • Portrait: great for weddings, photos of people and events – so think of using fewer photos per page
  • Landscape: great for travel and design – multi photo layouts work well with this option
  • Square: perfect for your phone and Instagram photos. Try to keep the photos to multiples of two per page

Tell your own story

It’s your book and you’re telling your own story so, if for example it’s a wedding album, try and imagine how you’d tell the story of the magical day. You could use several pictures on a page to pick the pace up, and then one large picture per page when you want to slow down and savour the bigger moments as the bride and groom kiss or have their first dance!

Size matters

Many of our books range from small, fit-in-your-handbag sizes, to extra large coffee table behemoths, so remember that a multi-photo layout that looks fantastic on a large page might not be so great on smaller pages.. Also, you need to take into account the picture quality of each photo (a good rule of thumb is if the picture is over 3mb then it should be big enough to print on an A4 page). If your photos aren’t huge in file size then they might work better as a smaller image in a multi photo layout rather than stretched right across the page. The last thing you want is to have a pixelated pic– but don’t worry, our editor will let you know if it detects a low resolution image.

Less is more

In our experience, photo books are more impactful when the page isn’t crowded – each of your pictures needs its own space to shine. Remember that you can always add pages if you feel like you’re running out of space.

But don’t forget to mix it up a little – you don’t want to just have the same layout on every page. Keep things interesting for your reader by adding in some pages with multi-photo layouts.

So when we’re asked how many photos does a photo book hold, we can say it’s pretty much all of them – but the devil is all in the design.

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