Great housewarming gift ideas

By Photobox on 9 May 2024

Looking for the perfect housewarming gift? From bespoke wall art to personalised coffee table books and heartfelt cards, our guide is brimming with inspiration for finding the perfect present for the new homeowner in your life.

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of stepping into a new home. It symbolises fresh starts, new adventures, and the beginning of making new memories. If someone you know is celebrating this significant milestone, a thoughtful housewarming gift is a great way to share their excitement and offer your support. From your best friend’s first move from the family nest to a relative’s forever home, explore our housewarming gift guide for some inspiration.

How to find great housewarming gifts

Moving home, while exciting, often comes with its fair share of stresses and strains. A thoughtful housewarming gift – no matter how big or small – adds a sprinkle of joy and warmth to a new beginning. Whether it’s a token of practicality or a memento for keeps, a personal housewarming gift becomes a special part of their new home’s story.

1. Coffee table photo book

A beautiful coffee table book is a fantastic addition to any living space, serving as a stunning display item as well as a conversation starter. Start with a theme to give the photo book a cohesive feel. Maybe it’s a family photo book, a series of beautiful destinations, or a showcase of the work they put into their new home.

Our top coffee table photo book gift idea: You can even make the gift a team effort and ask the whole squad to contribute!

2. Canvas print

A big and bold wall art piece is a fantastic housewarming gift. A canvas print is a brilliant way to personalise their space. Whether it’s a snap of a favourite holiday spot, a big family picture, or a showstopping photo from a big celebration, transforming it into a canvas print creates a focal point in their living space that’s uniquely theirs.

Our top canvas print gift tip: Select a size and orientation that complements their living space, and consider a frame that matches their decor for a seamless addition to their home.

3. House plant

No list of great housewarming gifts is complete with a house plant! Bringing a house plant into a new home instantly infuses it with life. Whether it’s the trendy monstera for the fashion-forward friend or a resilient ZZ plant for those with bustling schedules, there’s a plant to suit every homeowner’s lifestyle and taste.

Top houseplant gift idea: Pair your plant with a cute planter that complements their decor. Looking to go the extra mile with your housewarming plant gift? Add a small toolset!

4. Photo mugs

Personalised photo mugs are more than just a way to enjoy a favourite hot drink; they’re a daily reminder of happy moments and connections. From a snapshot from a special day, a much-loved pet, or a heartfelt message, these mugs bring a personal touch to any tea or coffee break.

Our top photo mug gift tip: Is your loved one moving in with a significant other or their newly expanded family? Make a photo mug for each member of the household.

5. Personalised calendar

A customised photo calendar is a daily source of joy and anticipation. Each month can reveal a different chapter in their life, from heartwarming family photos to snapshots of favourite destinations, food or events. It’s a year-round reminder of the moments that matter most. The best part? There’s no need to wait for January – you can design our calendars to start on any month of your choice!

Our top photo calendar gift idea: Make their life easier by pre-filling in key dates when you design your calendar, from birthdays to anniversaries, holidays, and special events.

6. Mounted prints

Mounted prints offer a creative way to personalise a space. They can transform an uninspiring wall into an eye-catching gallery of memories and inspiration. A mix of personal photos, artwork, and inspiring quotes can create a dynamic and personal display, reflecting their personality and tastes.

Our top mounted wall art gift idea: If you’re creating a mini-gallery of wall art, make sure that the images you choose will complement their new space.

7. Photo card

It may be simple, but you should never underestimate the power of a thoughtfully chosen photo card. In the flurry of moving and settling in, a card with a personal message and a meaningful photograph can be a heartwarming reminder of the people who matter.

Our top photo card gift idea: Choose a photo that encapsulates a shared memory or a moment that’s significant to both of you. This touch of personal history adds depth to your warm wishes for their new home.

8. Keyrings

Keyrings are a small but significant accessory, especially for those jangling new house keys in their pockets! A well-chosen keyring design can reflect their personality or the essence of their new home, making it a thoughtful and practical housewarming gift.

Our top keyring gift idea: Opt for a design with a personal meaning – a symbol that resonates with their new start is a daily reminder that they’re home.

Finding the right housewarming gift is all about adding a little extra joy to someone’s new beginning. Imagine their smile when they hang up a personalised print or the cosy mornings spent with their favourite new mug in hand. These small but significant touches help transform a new place from a house into a home.

Here’s to new homes, new memories, and the small things that make them special.