5 tips to make a brilliant first baby photo book

By Photobox on 27 July 2020

Your new arrival deserves their very own photo book. Let us help welcome your baby into the world with a personalised bonusprint photo album.

Two things we can guarantee will happen with the happy arrival of a baby: you’ll have a LOT of photos, and probably not much spare time. Avoid having to scroll through your ever-increasing photo roll by creating your baby’s first photo album with photobox. We’ve made it as easy as possible to get all your favourite photos in one personalised photo album. It’s a great thing to make for yourself, but it also makes a perfect surprise present for grandparents, friends, and relatives who might not be able to visit as often as they’d like too.

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Create a book of firsts

In the first few months, pretty much everything a baby does is a first, so it’s a good idea to organise your photo book pic selection into chronological order. This way you can see the incredible progress your baby has made as you flip through your book. If you think of the photo album as telling a story, you can have major milestones like first smile, first teeth, and steps as the big moments, supported by lots of smaller firsts.

Get creative with a few extras

A photo album doesn’t need to just have photos of your baby in it. Get creative with what you add to the pages — a scan of the birth certificate, the ultra sound scans from pregnancy, any hand and foot prints, even a portrait photo of their first teddy bear. All of these things make up the story of your baby and add in extra colour. Also, remember to make sure you’re in the photos too — it might sound strange but it’s easy to focus on your new arrival and not get shots of you as a family. Make some time to get all of you in the frame. Take wide shots of your front room, bedroom, and the rest of the house too. If you move in the future it’s great to remember those first months of where you all lived.

Every little thing helps

Of course, the first smile and first steps are the top prize moments to catch on camera, but don’t forget the smaller milestones. The first time they realise they can control their hands (believe us, it’s a thing) is a great moment to capture. Any of their messy eating escapades are always funny, catch them falling asleep in various places (including on grandad), and hanging out with the hundreds of toys you’ll have been sent. Give your friends and family a call to see if you can use any of their pics too, to add in some variety.

Add some personal touches

With photobox, it’s possible to add in your own text to the photo album. Using the text tool is a great way to include any of your favourite quotes or lyrics, annotate photos, or add in extra titles. You can also caption photographs with the story behind what was happening, and even invite family and friends to write letters to the baby for them to read when they get older.

Check out our pre-designs

When time is tight — and when isn’t it with a newborn — or your creative levels are feeling a little low, why not try using our fantastic pre-designed baby photo books? They’re really straight forward to customise. We’ve done all the design work for you — simply drop in the photos you want to use and personalise it with captions of your own. We’ve got a huge range of pre-designed photo books: from cute illustration styles, right through to minimalist contemporary layouts. Whatever your style, there’s something for everyone. For more tips and inspiration on how to use our themed photo books, check out our photobox guide.

We hope these ideas and tips have given you some inspiration on creating your first baby photo book. All that’s left is for us to say a massive congrats to you, and let’s get going — head over to the photobox photo book page; it’s time to start creating.

If any of the photo book themes and layouts that you’ve seen in this blog post have caught your eye, then you’ll be glad to know that they’ve all been designed by the very talented in-house photobox designers. Whatever style or theme you think would suit your first baby book best, you’ll be able to find them in the pre-designed baby photo book page.

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