How to create on your phone this summer

By Photobox on 29 June 2024

Why wait until you’re home to turn your summer moments into amazing photo products? Get our app today and start creating while you’re still out there making memories.

Whether you’re spending your summer holidays abroad or in your home country, at the beach or in the mountains, one thing is certain: your summer highlights need to be captured. Why wait until you get back home if you can also start now and create on the go?

Dear diary…

We often tend to forget the little things that happened on a holiday when creating a photo book back home. If you start creating on the go, why not add a new page each day and turn your photo book into your own adventures diary? You’ll have pages filled with fresh experiences and you won’t forget to add little stories – like how you almost fell into the lake to take that pic.

No connection, no problem

Whether you’re an adventurous traveller or prefer to fly to your holiday beach resort, you will always end up having no Internet connection for some time. The Photobox app works perfectly fine even when you’re not connected to the Internet. So when you’re offline, you can entertain yourself by creating your next masterpiece and get creative. Then, once you’re connected to the world wide web again, all you have to do is click order.

Sharing is caring

Picture this: you’re on a holiday with friends and you’ve all decided to make a photo book to look back on your amazing time spent together. Definitely a great idea, but why not make it a joint project? Create a shared Dropbox folder where you can all add your summery snaps. Then nominate one creative friend, or put yourself forward, to make your group photo book through the Photobox app. Once the book’s added to your basket, order multiple copies and hand them out next time you all get together.

For all devices

Our Photobox app is available on both Android and iOS for your tablet and phone. If you travel with a laptop, even better – you can use the Photobox editor on Windows or Mac as well.

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