A guide to the perfect anniversary photo book

By Photobox on 28 February 2022

Paper, Pearl, or Gold?

After years together, you know your partner like nobody else, and while flowers, gadgets, and other generic gifts are lovely to receive, they lack that personal touch that your loved one deserves.

Looking back on the good times together is a strong way to show your affections, so it’s time to make an anniversary photo album. Whether you’re one year into your relationship timeline, or coming up to 50 years of marriage, we’ve got the perfect photo book to celebrate.

For living a whole year together

After 365 days together, your camera roll is probably filled with a whole lot of ‘firsts’ – first time cooking together, first time meeting the in-laws, first trip away. The Little Moments Photo Book is *perfect* for celebrating those ‘little moments’ that have made your first year together so great. Upload all your snaps straight from Instagram to take the good times offline and create a mini montage of your love.

For living a decade together 

If you’re coming up to a decade together, create a photo book with enough pages to capture your 10 years of good times. Have you travelled the world? Built a home together? Made Friday night fish and chips your favourite tradition? Bring together all those moments into an album that’s sure to get you both excited about the years still to come. Opt for the Circle Window Cutout Photo Book as your anniversary book to feature your *favourite* photo through the window on the vibrant cover – the perfect sneak peek of all the happy memories inside.

For living two decades together

Two decades together deserves a proper celebration, so once you’re done with the date planning, make sure to pop your feet up and pull out your favourite snaps together for an anniversary photo book. Since 20 years together means lots and lots of photos, opt for the A4 Classic Collage Photo Book so you can add up to 100 extra pages for all the good times, and your favourite nine photos through the windows on the cover.

For living half a century together

Half a century together is *real* love, and deserves the best of the best to celebrate. The A4 Lay Flat Photo Book is from the premium collection, with binding that allows you to display your most precious memories seamlessly. The extra thick pages are ready for your extra special stories – after 50 years together, you’ve definitely got a fair few of those.

Ready to create personal gifts for your anniversary? Check out our full photo books range and pick your favourite, or take a look at more photo book blog posts for extra inspiration.