12 Ideas for Your First (But Not Last) Photo Book

By Photobox on 6 May 2022

12 ideas for Your First But Not Last Photo Book

There are so many reasons to create a photo book. Maybe you’ve just got back from travels overseas, married your best mate, or celebrated a big birthday. Or maybe your camera roll is officially *full* and the time to print this year’s photos is now. There’s no better way to pull your stories together – or better way to spend an afternoon – than creating a photo book. With a wide range of photo book styles to choose from, the only question is – what will yours be about? Here are 12 ideas to inspire you.


After a good few years with our feet firmly planted, we’re back to travelling around the world and clocking-up the air miles. You’ve snapped the white beaches and drank every cocktail in sight; so once you’re back on home turf, it’s time to collate those warm weather photos and create a holiday photo book. Be taken back to your holiday highlights every time you flick through your book (piña colada in hand).

Babies photo book


Instead of scribbling dates on the back of printed photos, why not collect the timeline of your little ones in a photo book? You can add captions underneath the photos to remind yourself of the what, where, and when, so you never forget a milestone. A photo book gives the kids something to look back on when they’re old enough to appreciate (and probably be embarrassed by) it too.


Big life feats are totally subjective. One person’s ‘finally ran a marathon’ is another’s ‘finally perfected a Yorkshire pudding’ – hey, we’re not here to judge. No doubt those big-time achievements were photographed, so make that proud moment last a whole lot longer and create a photo book. If it was a marathon, include a photo of your training schedule, or medal, or the burger you demolished straight after. Go on, give your achievements the attention they deserve.


The real reason you trekked up that mountain to see the sunrise in Bali was for the photograph, wasn’t it? You perfected the panoramic shot and now it’s long-forgotten on your Instagram feed. Well, we created lay flat photo books so that your photos get the double-page spread they deserve. Made to lie flat (the clue’s in the name) and show off your panoramic photos in full, a landscape photo book will take you right back to that incredible morning every time you open it. Without the 4am wake up call.


What about the other mini me’s in your life? Yep, the pets. From newborn puppies, to that hamster phase we know that your phone is bursting with pet pictures. Instead of only posting your pet love to Facebook, create a photo book. It makes for a great activity to do with the kids – especially adding pet-themed stickers to each page. They’ll be taking it to school for show-and-tell sessions in no time.


2020 may have cemented that banana bread recipe in your head, but what about passing it on? A recipe book is the *unexpected* way to create a photo book – fill it with photos of your favourite edible concoctions and add text throughout that lists the step-by-step instructions. From ‘Lockdown sourdough’ to ‘Nonna’s tiramisu’, a recipe book is the perfect gift for a foodie friend or an addition to your own kitchen shelf (ready to be passed down for years to come).