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Collage Range

Mix it up with a collage gift

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Collage Canvas Prints
    Add multiple photos photos to a canvas, choose between an array of sizes and thicknesses.
From £11.00 > Find out more

Collage Poster Prints
    Choose from a selection of collage layouts and add multiple photos to you poster print.
From £6.00 > Find out more

Collage Hardback Posters
    Your collage poster mounted on an MDF hardback poster for extra durability.
From £20.99 > Find out more

    Give your home a stylish mini makeover with your own unique piece of interior design.
From £26.99 £18.00 > Find out more
Get Creative with Collage Canvas and Posters

Get Creative with Collage Canvas and Posters

Personalise your canvas or poster with a collage of your photos

Mix it up by creating a collage photo gift. The beauty of creating a collage poster, canvas or cushion is that it allows your creativity to flow unfettered. Add as many photos as you want and choose between an array themes and designs to make your collage image even more special. No matter the occasion you can celebrate it in style with a collage photo gift.

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