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"I just received 6 poster prints the other day and well they were fantastic. Lots of oohing and ahhing over them. I ended up having to give a couple to my mum since she really liked them. They were processed very quickly and delivered within a day or so. This was my second batch of them, and my brothers are thinking about getting some done themselves."
Martin Donnelly

"I did a poster of my nephew and was astounded at the quality... Brilliant!"
Anne Davis

"I have poster prints of the kids in my hall 18x12 size, and I love them.... about to order some more LOVE them!"
Wendy Hudson

"When I received my huge print, last year, I took the print to a well known photo shop to buy a frame. The 2 girls over the counter asked me where I had it printed. They loved the quality! They were surprised, and they work on printing!"
Vitor Ribeiro

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