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Design your own Photobook - Award winning quality - PhotoBox
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Soft Baby Photobook

Create Photo Book

From £24.99 £17.00

4 pages £24.99
8 pages £30.99
12 pages £36.99
16 pages £42.99

Please note that the light blue cover is currently out of stock.

Product Details

This soft, cuddly book is the perfect home for your baby’s first photos

size 21cm x 21cm (8.2" x 8.2")

  • Available in 4, 8, 12 or 16 pages
  • Choose 1 photo and a caption on each page
  • Free option to add your text on the cover
  • Product suitable for children aged 6 months+
  • CE approved
  • 100% natural fibre wadding
  • Closes securely with a ribbon
  • Machine washable at max 30ºC



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