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4 top uploading questions

  • You can upload JPEG, JPG and PNG files.

    • JPEG and JPG files must be 20 KB to 25 MB.
    • PNG files between 40 KB and 25 MB.
    • All files must be smaller than 90 megapixels and in a sRGB colourspace.

    Don’t worry if you’re not sure – upload your photos and we’ll flag any that you need to swap.

  • Choose where you want to get you photos from – Facebook, your computer etc. Select the ones you want, and click ‘Upload your photos’. If you’re signed in to Photobox you can add the photos to one of your existing albums or create a new one. If you’re not signed in, they’ll be added to a temporary album that you can save to your account later.

  • You can speed things up by using WiFi instead of your mobile data connection, resizing larger images or uploading from social media instead of your computer.

  • Only a couple of things: photos uploaded to Facebook have been compressed (reduced in size), and may not be big enough to use for larger products. Instagram photos are perfect for square products, as they won’t get cropped.

    Also, if you've already uploaded your photos from one social media account and want to upload from a new one, just follow these steps.

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