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Top 20 Tweeters budding photographers should follow

Tweet Tweet! Calling all photography addicts: Need to extend your twitter following? Sure we all follow our friends and favourite celebrities, but did you know you could learn a few things on Twitter as well?

Well we’ve got just the thing to help!


We’ve searched the Twittersphere and handpicked the top 20 photography Twitterers getting their hands dirty and actively getting involved with fans, followers and fellow tweeters online...

So whether you’re looking for photography tips, tutorials, photo inspiration or simply need some help with Photoshop, this one-stop list covers it all. We hope it helps you to find and get in touch with the most influential photo-addicts and professionals out there! Enjoy!

@Photocritic is ‘Haje’, a Dutch former freelance photographer living and working in London. Haje started with a dream of creating a photo-criticism website that turned into a veritable banquet of tips, interviews, equipment information and more...we definately think he's pulled it off!.
@pdnonline, or ‘Photo District News’ provides breaking news stories about photography through both their blog and twitter account. Pretty much any news photographer's require, they're sure to find it here!

@FPblog is a wonderful resource for both avid fashion and photography enthusiasts alike – Melissa is friendly and eager to tweet, tweet, tweet, sharing her vast expertise and keeping you up to date with all the latest need-to-know trends. We wish we had more hours in the day to spend following her!
@digitalps has created the ultimate photography community through a well organised, extremely in-depth guide with before, during and after tips to create your own perfect digital photography shoot.

@YourPhotoTips posts a cool variety of tweets, guarenteed to inspire you. With photography quotes (join in the fun with the hashtag #photoquotes) and a photo tip of the day, you'll be sure to be passing these off to your mates as your own 'lightbulb' moments of genius (shhh – don’t worry, we won't tell!)
Phenomenal pro photographer and author @AndrewDarlow is hands on and ready to answer your questions. From the the composition of your photos to texture, tone and technique; it's like having your own personal tutor at the click of a mouse - what more could any budding photographer ask for?

Everyone’s favourite tech blog, @Gizmodo, is on twitter! Keeping you up to date with the latest in reviews, from cameras to gadgets, techie creations soon to launch to current digital must haves; you can't afford to miss out by not following!
@photolovecat offers easy to understand marketing and management tips for photographers – a good follow for anyone seeking some pratical online and in-the-know business advice!

@photojojo, is an inspirational, off the wall photography accessories store based in San Fran, California – sharing their links to all things fun, imaginative and photography related. One of our favourites on this estimed list!
@presetsheaven does just what it says on the box, offering easy preset tips to give you stunning photography effects.

@ScottBourne, shares his formidable wealth of knowledge through his online magazine, which he's been writing now for 12 years. With over 74,000 followers, you can bet he really knows his stuff...
Follow @AmazingPics for... well, amazing pics! (though 'amazing doesn't really do it justice) inspirational sites and photographers sourced from across the net straight to your Twitter homepage; you're sure to find your camera finger twitching by the time you've finished enjoying your daily dose!

@LightStalking, is all about beautiful photography and getting the word out about the talented people that produce it. Also great for inspiration with some tips thrown in the mix as well.
You’ve probably heard of celebrity photographer @jeremycowart - if not, follow him, his updates are fun & personable, whilst his blog gives an instant lift with a healthy dollop of motivation. Also, if you’re in the US you can even sign up to some photography workshops...Jeremy we beg you, please bring some of your workshops to the UK!!!

@LIFE, Magazine offers the most comprehensive and iconic collection of professional photography on the web. Candid punchy images; arty snaps; life changing moments captured on camera – @Life is sure to take you’re breath away every time!
Contemporary photography magazine @lensculture celebrates current trends in international contemporary photography, art, media, and world cultures. Featuring up and coming photo events and fun, interactive's one to watch! And, whilst you're checking it out, be sure to contribute your photo to their 1,000 Buddha’s project?

@TheLightroomLab, Tips, tricks and Tuturials for Photoshop Lightroom from Scott Rouse – the ultimate resource for beginners in photo editing.
@Photomonthly is the Twitter account for Photograhy Monthly Magazine. It’s a definite ‘must follow’ as they are pretty much the bible of photography magazines! Find anything and everything here...

@Photo_Bliss offers loads of easy to follow short photography articles and tips with a vast array of fascinating how-to’s – from how to hire a photographer; how to take a family portrait; to how to take macro pics with a point and shoot. Is there anything they haven’t covered??? Oh - and also has great giveaways!
@petapixel A photography blog run by digital genius Michael Zhang providing ‘web 2.0’ photography tips and inspiration, as well as a selection of fun photos & art links from all over the web.

So there you have it – we hope you’ve found this both useful and fun! Also, if you know of any other phenomenal photography tweeters you’d like to share or see on this list, then please get involved and email

We’ll be sure to mull over all suggestions, update the list accordingly with your comments and photography tweeting heroes! Together, we hope to make this the best in-the-know guide out there to the photography Twittersphere!

Once you've brushed up on your photography skills don't forget to put them into practice and most of all don't leave your favourite pictures sitting on your camera. Be sure to capture them in a Photo Book or as a Canvas Print.

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