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As soon as Karen Anvil’s picture of the ‘Fab Four’ splashed across every Boxing Day paper the idea of this book started to form.

First, trying to work out how many engagements the Royal Family had done over the years. Then, how many people would’ve taken pictures. And the excitement of realising that out there, at the back of cupboards, in the attic, under the bed, lay a treasure trove of pictures which would show the Royal Family in a completely different light to the managed, edited, photoshopped and highly professional pictures we’re so used to seeing. All it would take is people getting dusty…

Thankfully, that’s exactly what they did. Unearthing some of the most astounding images – the shot of George VI and Queen Elizabeth in the Congo on holiday being one of those in ‘dare to dream’ territory (what were they doing? Answers on a postcard please).

And, as more and more pictures came in a couple of things started to become clear. That the pictures taken by the public, though sometimes a little blurry or out of focus, gave a completely different insight into royal interactions than the ones we normally see in the press.

The kindness, empathy, warmth and good humour of the members of the Royal Family shone through immediately. And the love and esteem of the public, not just in the UK, but around the world. It really was wonderful to see.

The last piece of the puzzle obviously being the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle – which sees yet another evolution of the House of Windsor mixing a splash of Hollywood glamour with 1,000 years of British Monarchy. I hope you’ll agree this book is a fitting gift from from the people to celebrate their big day.

Now, any chance of an invite?


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