The school holidays. Pens down, books away and let’s get going on a summer holiday – but where? If you’re a family looking for the perfect beach break, it can be hard to find the ideal kid-friendly location.

You don’t want to be lost in a mecca of bars and clubs, dodging hen nights and stag dos when you have an eight-year-old in tow, but similarly, you don’t want to end up a quiet destination where your little ones will likely be bored. So here is our guide to the top family holiday destinations, to keep every member of your clan happy!


Good old Spain, the leading destination for the holiday British family since the 1960s. Sandy beaches, guaranteed sun and a booming tourism market that makes it easy for families to enjoy a relaxing holiday where their every need is catered to, including a Sunday roast or a full English breakfast on the weekends.

Approximately 3 hours away by plane, even little ones and nervous fliers will find the trip manageable. Do as millions of Brits have done before and head for Malaga or Benidorm, the resort destinations that have become synonymous with the package holiday.

Benidorm boasts three family-friendly theme parks and has shed its loutish reputation of the past to become an excellent choice for families, and teenagers will have plenty to keep them entertained too. Malaga is also a great choice. A much larger city than Benidorm, with a sizeable permanent population of British expats, there’s plenty of things to keep teenagers happy, with shopping, nature parks and museums all available.

With a full roster of events throughout the year, Malaga is ideal for a Spanish get away in any month, head over in time for one of its many festivals and everyone from toddlers to teens will love being part of the celebration.


A bit further away than Spain, but with more guarantee of year-round sun, Greece has come to rival Spain on the humble Brit’s list of beloved holiday destinations.

Whether it’s the iconic white-and-blue houses of Santorini or the popular family island of sunny Corfu, Greece’s island make-up makes it perfect for finding the one that best suits you, or an exciting bit of island hopping.

The lesser known island of Naxos is considered the Hawaii of Greece and enjoys lush greenery as well as sunny beaches, with St George Beach and its shallow waters being perfect for little ones.

Zante boasts some of Greece’s most beautiful beaches and Rhodes has long been a popular choice for those who want a healthy dose of Greek ruins and history along with their sun, sea and sand.


Ok, it’s not near, it’s not cheap but it’s also not excusable from any “family holiday list” – it’s that once in a lifetime trip to Florida and Disneyland that every child simply has to make.

Sure, the same brand of magic is available in Paris, California, Hong Kong and Tokyo, but everyone knows the real Disney deal is in Orlando. Meet Mickey and friends, ride some of the world’s most iconic rides and get those greatest of holiday souvenirs, holiday photos in front of the iconic Disney castle.

Of course, it’s not all Disney out there, Universal Studios let you get to grips with Jaws, Jurassic Park, Spiderman and The Kennedy Space Centre, and if you venture into the south of Florida you can find the famous Everglades. Here, you can get an airboat ride through amazing nature that even the most typical teen will crack a smile for.

United Kingdom

The staycation is a big thing lately – you don’t have to go away to have a great holiday. Brighton is the place to be for those who want to stay urban even when beside the seaside, with shopping, dining and amusements that make it a popular choice for visitors from the capital, while still maintaining classic seaside charm on the pier.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach is a must-see attraction for every Brit, with old school arcades, roller coasters and all those yummy teeth-destroying seaside snacks that a holiday wouldn’t be complete without – bag of candy floss anyone?

Of course, it doesn’t have to be a beach break, the UK has plenty going for it, from ‘glamping’ in Suffolk to a Hobbit Hole in Yorkshire – what kid wouldn’t love to be part of a fantasy storybook?

Where did you last great family holiday take you? Let us know in the comments!