You know what they say, it’s the thought that counts. Well, that’s never more true than when it comes to Mother’s Day gift ideas. If you and your little ones are looking for the best Mother’s Day gifts, then you should let them start with their own two hands. After all, there’s nothing so sure to capture the heart of mummies everywhere than a present handmade by her own precious babies!

Here are some of the best personalised Mother’s Day gift ideas that your little ones can try their hand at this year. Along with a helpful adult, of course!

1.     Paintings and drawings

OK, it may not be anything new to have your kid’s art displayed with pride, so try upping your game. There are plenty of alternatives to paper – canvas, wood, even glass. Bring them along to the art shop and let them pick what they want to use to make the best Mother’s Day gift ever. Why not grab a frame to add a finishing touch and to make your little artist’s work graduate from the fridge gallery to the living room wall? P.S. If your little ones are perfectionists and prefer to work on paper, you can always have it printed onto a mountable canvas instead.

2.     Special thoughts

Every self-respecting gift shop will have their fair collection of inspirational quotes adorned on everything from bookmarks to mugs to doormats. Well, let’s be honest, who has thoughts that are more inspired or adorable than kids? There are plenty of ways that your kids can transform their funniest thoughts into a great Mother’s Day gift from baby.

You can buy hanging decorations like slate hearts or wooden boards that give your kids the opportunity to paint their own words on their gift. Add some special words to a corkboard along with some favourite retro-printed photos, or go to the beach, collect the prettiest, biggest stones and carefully paint words and images showing their favourite things about mummy on each one. Pack them all up in a jar labelled “Reasons we love Mummy”, and you’ve got a personalised Mother’s Day gift that’s sure to stand the test of time!

3.     Pottery

A less-than-perfect pot, vase or bowl has loving pride of place in many a family kitchen, making it the perfect choice for a Mother’s Day gift. If your little ones have yet to play their part in this unofficial tradition, then now’s the time! Don’t worry, you don’t need an oven, pottery wheel or even very much knowledge yourself to help your little ones out with this type of gift. Just grab some air-drying clay and paints for decoration, and see what they come up with!

If you are looking for professional help, or really want to make a day of it, there are plenty of pottery cafes where kids can get their creations fired and glazed to a super-professional finish. When it comes to personalised Mother’s Day gifts, it’s a great choice.

4.     Breakfast in bed

No Mother’s Day is complete without breakfast in bed, so it’s sure to be one of the best Mother’s Day gifts from baby you can get! Every child loves getting hands-on in the kitchen, and as long as an adult is there to help out, there’s no reason they can’t enjoy being chef for the morning! You can let your little ones decide every aspect of the meal, from recipes to ingredients, or you can exercise a bit of adult wisdom and narrow it down to the cooking-free options of fruit salad and cereal (try presenting it in a bento box for a Mother’s Day gift that’s – conveniently for mum – also got the advantage of being super tidy).

In any case, this is an amazing Mother’s Day gift idea that will really let your kids exercise their creativity. After all, breakfast in bed includes a tray in need of some decoration (and maybe a special mummy mug), too!

Got any Mother’s Day gift ideas that little ones are bound to love? Let us know all about it in the comments!