Moving into a new house or flat is an amazing achievement, one that should be celebrated with your closest family and friends. You’ve been through all the stress and hardship, you’ve got all the boxes moved in, now it’s time to party! First of all, you’ll want to pick a date and time, as well as start thinking carefully about who to invite. Do you want a quiet and intimate do that’s family only? Or is a rowdy night featuring all of your friends the preferred route to go down?

Write the perfect housewarming invitation

There are several things to consider when penning an invitation for your housewarming party. Essentially, would you prefer a formal affair or something more casual? Your card should match the setting you are going for. One idea that could really get your guest’s tongues wagging would be to personalise your invitation cards, why not use a photo of you in your nice new home?

You’ll effectively be showing them a taster of both your new place and your party, they’re sure to be excited and raring to go! Make sure to specify within your card whether people should dress up or just arrive in casual attire as well as whether they should bring any booze or food.

How to choose a theme

There are plenty of potential housewarming party themes. Let’s say you’ve only just moved into your new house or flat and most of your new rooms need a lick of paint, why not set up a theme that’s both practical and fun – room painting! This cuts out all the stress of moving in by getting your family and friends involved in the decoration process!

You could also ask that all your guests arrive in fancy dress, which always makes for a good laugh. Alternatively, if your new digs come equipped with a sizeable backyard, it could be a great idea to have a garden-themed party. One of our favourites is the cocktail theme, up the ante by asking your guests to come decked out in their smartest attire, equipped with their favourite liquors and mixers.

Party games

Aside from traditional board games, there are a number of ways to turn your housewarming into a unique experience for everyone involved. Providing you’ve got at least a few rooms to play with, why not set up a treasure hunt? Hide some welcome goodies for your friends in various spots and provide them with helpful (but not too helpful) hints!

However, considering this may be one of the only times you’ll have floor space, we suggest getting a good old game of Twister in, perhaps after the champagne?

Food ideas

Inviting guests over usually means you’ll have to feed them. If you want to arrange the food yourself it may be easier to provide cold nibbles and snacks, although one interesting housewarming theme you could go for is “pot-luck”, where each guest is required to bring over their favourite dish, leading to (hopefully) a sumptuous spread for everyone to enjoy.

If it’s a casual event you’re going for, or if you’re just yet to unpack any plates, you can always choose pizza delivery instead!

The perfect housewarming gift

If on the other hand, you find yourself being invited to a party, you have a whole new issue – what to bring. Some of the more traditional housewarming presents have lovely meanings but are rather outdated. Why not think outside of the box and check out some personalised housewarming gifts, attaching your friend’s favourite picture to a cushion or new coffee mug can be a perfect and charming way to start filling up some of those empty cupboards and spaces in your new house or flat! Themed posters and customised keychains are some of the other fun options for new homeowners.

Follow these tips and we’re sure you’ll have a great housewarming experience. If you’re going as a guest, gifts are always warmly appreciated, and a bit of personalisation can help to make it unique!