The creation of the camera undoubtedly changed the world, with pivotal moments able to be captured forever. We’ve gathered some of history’s most iconic images; photos that have brought inspiration, sadness, and every emotion in between, to audiences since the moment they were developed. These are some of the best photographs of all time.

1. One of the most iconic and emotionally moving images ever captured. Thích Quảng Đức’s self-immolation in Vietnam, 1963, shot by Malcolm Browne.


2. The end of World War II, a sailor jubilantly kisses a woman in Times Square, 1945. Captured by Albert Eisenstaedt.


3. World War II, 1945. U.S. Troops raise a flag in Iwo Jima. An incredibly important image for Americans to this day. The moment was immortalized by Joe Rosenthal.


4. The Great Depression, 1936. A worried mother looks on, wondering how to feed her children. Photographed by Dorothea Lange.


5. The Hindenburg disaster, 1937 – representing the end of the use of passenger-carrying airships. The explosion was captured by Sam Shere.


6. The immediate aftermath of an accidental napalm attack is captured by Nick Ut during the Vietnam war in 1972. The photo helped turn the opinions of Americans against the war.


7. Pure bravery in the face of an unjust regime. The iconic “Tank man”, whose actual identity remains unknown. His defiance was captured by Jeff Widener in 1989.


8. “Guerillo Heroico” by Alberto Korda – now incredibly famous in popular culture, this image of Che Guevara in 1960 acts as a symbol of rebellion.


9. The 1968 black power salute – American athletes at their Olympic Games medal ceremony. Photographed by John Dominis.


10. Jesse Owens, a black USA Olympic athlete, defies Hitler’s will and notions of Aryan supremacy by winning gold in the 100m sprint and performing a salute, captured by Heinrich Hoffman during the 1936 Olympic Games.


11. An affront to evil. This formally unidentified soldier stood up to Heinrich Himmler upon his inspection of the POW camp. The moment was shot by Heinrich Hoffman in 1941.


12. Neil Armstrong, photographed by Buzz Aldrin just moments after becoming the first human to step foot on the moon in 1969.

There you have it, some are powerful and some tug at the deepest part of our souls, but they’re all immortal.


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