Sunset is one of the most popular times of day to pick up the camera to try and get a shot to be proud of.  We set our lovely Facebook fans a challenge to go out and get the best sunset shots they possibly could. We had a fantastic response, with some wonderfully creative ideas. Here are a few of our absolute favourites.


Silhouettes are the perfect focal point in a sunset photo. They add an extra dimension with real context of scale and perfectly set off an already beautiful scene.

This shot by Jo Guilor was our overall favourite, the use of the silhouette works wonderfully and the illusion element is a great addition.

sunset held by girl

© Jo Guilor

Top Tip: Use the settings that the auto mode suggests as guidelines for use with manual mode to get the perfect shot



Our next photo is something a little different, taken by Amy Wellings. Capturing a bright sunrise like this with a smartphone is notoriously difficult, however in this case the power of the sunlight hasn’t overwhelmed the foreground subject, which still looks beautiful.

The photo uses the sunrise to emphasise the subject rather than as the main focal point, which we thought, was a great take on the challenge.

Amy Wellings

© Amy Wellings

Top Tip: Experiment using multiple angles to make sure that you get the best shot


Including landscapes in a sunset photograph is a great way of adding extra drama to the shot, below is a perfect example of how well it can work without detracting from the sunset itself.

Keith Williamson has managed to use this technique perfectly, capturing amazing colours, crepuscular rays and using the landscape as an added dimension to set it off works wonderfully. Well done Keith!

Keith Williamson

© Keith Williams

Top Tip: Underexpose the initial photo and boost the contrast in post editing to maximise the crepuscular rays



Sunsets and sunrises work perfectly when reflected. Shooting over large bodies of water is a photographer favourite because not only is there the best unobscured view of the sun, but the uneven reflective surface of the water creates an amazing spectacle.

Our final wonderful sunset photo is from Sarah Wood. We love the tranquillity of this photo, Sarah has managed to take a shot that makes the viewer forget that there is a photographer there at all, creating an all round beautiful photo.

Sarah Wood

© Sarah Wood

Top Tip: Use manual focus when shooting over large open water

Well that’s it for this week’s photo challenge! We were incredibly impressed by the quality and skill shown in this particular challenge. If it’s something that you want to take part in, then head on over to our Facebook page where we have a new challenge every 2 weeks.