When it comes to home decoration, a bathroom is probably the most difficult room to get right. A small bathroom can prove to be even more of a challenge. Do too much and the room might feel cramped, but if you do too little the design can end up feeling Spartan, clinical and not very homely at all.

Thankfully, it’s relatively easy to revitalise your small bathroom, turning it into a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of your daily life. Take a look some of our top small bathroom ideas, ranging from floating fittings to colourful wall art:

Use mirrors to create space

A well-placed mirror can be a fantastic addition to any room. They double as artwork, all while creating the illusion of spaciousness that’s absolutely vital for a small space. Functional as well as fetching, a mirror will bounce light around and keep things feeling bright and airy.

Try translucent decorations

Translucent decorations can help to keep your bathroom feeling open, ensuring that space doesn’t feel closed off. From shower curtains to see-through cabinets, glass walls to picture frames, translucent fittings can bring the best out of the room’s natural light. That’s why it’s best to avoid heavy curtains or drapes in your bathroom – they tend to block out the light, making everything feel very enclosed in the process.

Keep your counter clutter-free

Maintaining clean countertops is vital if you’re dealing with a small space. By keeping your countertops clutter-free, it’s easier to maintain a minimalistic aesthetic, as well as generate the sort of expansiveness that you’re no doubt looking for. A few carefully-selected ornamental pieces, say a pretty pot for your cotton wool balls or a stylish soap dish, can actually add to the illusion of space as well as style.

Maximise space with floating fittings

Helping to show off the floor and making great use of underutilised space, floating fittings can be a fantastic way of maximising the full potential of your bathroom. They also make cleaning much easier, which as we all know is never a bad thing!

Don’t be afraid to decorate using plants

Plants are a space-efficient way of brightening up your bathroom, adding depth and softening corners wherever you place them. They help to bring the outdoors indoors, generating a sense of openness which goes beyond your bathroom’s square footage.

Make colours count

A dash of colour can do wonders for a small space. Choosing one bold colour to pop is a great way of adding verve and vibrancy, generating a colour contrast that’s full of character. Florals can light up a plain design, while blue creates a peaceful, on-trend aura that’s ideal for a bright and sunlit bathroom.

But experiment with all white

A simple, glossy all white colour scheme can add that sought-after feeling of spaciousness to a small bathroom. It also exudes cleanliness and hygiene, all while generating the sort of minimalist aesthetic that’s all the rage amongst interior designers.

Utilise high shelving where possible

High shelving is a great way of making use of underutilised areas of your bathroom. It’s a simple storage hack than can keep your bathroom clutter-free, while it also exaggerates your bathroom’s height, and keeps your mismatched essentials and colour-clashing toiletries out of view, perfect for slightly more cramped spaces.

Add to the ambience with a piece of wall art

When it comes to wall décor ideas, a piece of wall art can be the crowning jewel for a small bathroom. From providing a splash of colour to imparting a sense of the outdoors with a nature print, these relatively inexpensive additions can do an enormous amount for the room’s ambience. Putting a piece of artwork high up on the walls draws the eye upward, creating the illusion of expansiveness, while a single print on a white wall can really help the space to appear larger than it is. Oh, and for more of a homely touch, don’t forget to get it personalised!

Choose patterns carefully

Vertical stripes on the walls are just one of the many ways that patterns can be used to great effect. They make the room feel larger, while unbroken horizontal lines can also help to add a sense of ongoing space. In the same vein, hardwood floors which stretch from wall to wall are a great choice.

By being a little bit clever with your bathroom fittings, you can transform a bathroom into a unified, personalised space that you’re sure enjoy spending time in.