If your Mum loves a bit of glitz and sparkle in her life, then we’ve got a great little photo project for you, and it’s the perfect gift if you really want to shout about how special your Mum is this Mother’s Day.

This Retro Print banner can be made in a matter of minutes, and is guaranteed to impress. If you’re planning a special breakfast or lunch for your Mum, why not hang up in pride of place above the table for everyone to admire?


What you’ll need:

Retro Printspack of 12
Mini wooden pegs
Tape or pins
DIY Letter kit – we got ours here
Tassel kit – from here

Find a suitable blank wall, or window where you can start planning out your banner. Measure out the length you want your banner to be – this will be dependent on the amount of tassels and retro prints you want to hang on the banner. 

Create your tassels, by folding the tissue paper length ways and twisting in the middle. Thread these onto the string and space out evenly – you can now secure your banner to the wall using tape, pins or blu-tack.


Pick your favourite snaps from your pack of Retro Prints and decide on the order you’d like to feature them on your banner. Next up, take a mini peg and clip each photo in-between the tassels. 

Top tip: If you’re creating this banner last minute and don’t have any mini pegs to hand, you can always make a hole using a hole punch and thread the print onto the banner. 


Using your letter kit, decide what message you want to spell out underneath the banner – we’ve gone with a simple ‘Mum’, but there are endless options. If you don’t want to buy the kit, you can always stencil & cut out the letters yourself. 


Lastly, it’s time to step back and admire your handy work. Mum is going to love it! 

bannermum-2-min copy

Create your Retro Prints

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