Dad does loads for us, doesn’t he? He’s always there to help out with odd jobs, lifts or to offer advice (even if we didn’t ask for it, thanks Dad.) In short, Dads are awesome. So we’d all like to give him something special for Father’s Day, but it’s not easy finding the right gift for Dad is it? He has all the gadgets, has never worn that ‘fashionable’ jumper you got him for his birthday and he has enough socks to stretch from here to the moon. So how do we give Dad a gift that says, ‘you’re the best?’

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Well, you could make him something. You know, like when you were a kid, but better, much better. And there are two things Dad loves more than anything and that is 1: his family and 2: having a good laugh. So with that in mind we’ve come up with some fun and easy gift hacks for Father’s Day that’ll bring a smile to Dad’s face.







 1. Turn his silly selfies into personalised mugs

Nothing says ‘Dad, you are a legend’ more than a personalised mug. Add photos and text to make the mug that captures your Dad’s true self. He can put pencils, plants, rubber bands, paper-clips, or even tea in his mug. The possibilities are endless.

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2. Put his photos on magnets

Two words: fridge magnets. Put photos of the grandkids on them, or his favourite team, the time the dog fell in the river, or a picture of you as a kid with chocolate all over your face. Whatever you decide to put on a magnet will get your dad grinning, and that’s what we want.

Oh, and by the way, when you order more than one sheet of 9 they arrive in a gift box – so you won’t even have to wrap them. Boom!
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3. Classic coasters

Most Dads dream of just five minutes peace and quiet, with their feet up, a mug of tea in hand, and possibly some sporting event on the TV (anything will do, including curling.) The only thing that could make this dream moment any better would be a set of personalised coasters he can put his mugs on.
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4. A real book, all about him

Most dads will tell you, with great nostalgia, about the days when you could ‘actually hold photos in your hands’. So he’ll probably let out a loud cheer if you get him a real life book – dedicated to him, of course. Just grab 16 photos of him, the family – yep, barking mad Alf the dog too – and this Little Moments book is done in a flash. Father’s Day, won.Make this book