What is a Christmas Eve Box? And how to make a perfect one

You might have spotted Christmas Eve Boxes popping up on Pinterest – it’s a tradition that’s only a few years old in the UK. So if you’re wondering what do you put in a Christmas Eve Box or even, what is a Christmas Eve Box? Well, we’ve got the answers, plain and simple. Kids are given a box (anything from an old shoebox to an elaborate chest can become Christmas Boxes) to break up the anticipation of Christmas Day. And whatever Christmas Eve Box fillers you choose, can change how it works. Create your Christmas Eve Box

What to put in a Christmas Eve Box

Your Christmas Eve Box for kids can keep them quiet, calm them down, or ramp up the excitement – depending on what’s inside. We’ve come up with a few gift box ideas for their Christmas Eve Box contents to fire up or calm down the night before the big day…


For keeping the kids quiet

These Christmas Eve Box ideas will keep the kids entertained for hours, leaving you time to get prepared! The night before is usually filled with slightly panicked Christmas Eve activities (last-minute gift buying, frenzied wrapping, baking and endless potato peeling), so here are some Christmas ideas for kids of things to do on Christmas Eve to keep them out of your hair while you’re preparing for the big day:

  • Christmas colouring
  • Felt-tip pens
  • Christmas activity book
  • Board game
  • Baking set (get them to bake Santa’s cookies with you)


For calming them down for bedtime

Use these Christmas Eve ideas for the little ones that tend to get over-excited… Here’s an excuse to all snuggle up together on the sofa, watching a Christmas movie (look, they’re in pyjamas!). A Christmas Eve Box for toddlers will help them settle down early, ready for Santa’s big visit…

These present ideas are really sneaky ways to get them ready for bed:

  • Snowman soup (sachet of hot chocolate)
  • Christmas Mug
  • Marshmallows
  • New festive pyjamas
  • A shiny new toothbrush
  • Christmas movie
  • Popcorn


For upping the magic

Are your kids all about Christmas Eve, itching to open their presents and far too excited to wait until tomorrow? Try these Christmas Eve Box filler ideas to distract them and get everyone in the festive spirit by bedtime with a personalised Christmas Eve Box.

Ways to start Christmas a little early:

  • Christmas Eve Box letter from Santa, letting them know they’re on his nice list
  • Candy canes (great Christmas Eve Box toppers)
  • Ornaments that create a collection, one each year
  • Reindeer food (biodegradable glitter mixed with oats to scatter outside)
  • A Christmas story
  • Festive cookies (don’t forget to save one for Santa)
  • Their stockings or Christmas Eve bag

Really you can put anything you like in the box, the good thing about starting traditions is… you get to decide. It’s so easy to make decorative Christmas Boxes to fill with Christmas Eve gifts and treats. And with four festive themes and Christmas Eve Box designs to choose from, plus the option to add a personalised message on the lid of their box, it’s a tradition that’s sure to last! Choose a personalised wooden Christmas Eve Box for a more traditional and festive look that the kids will look forward to each year.

Once all the treats have been taken out, put Rudolph’s carrots and Santa’s milk and cookies (or whatever you traditionally leave out) in the personalised Christmas Box and leave out ready for the man in red. Happy Christmas!

Create your Christmas Eve Box

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