The best Christmas presents for kids

Christmas ideas for kids are a lot easier than shopping for that aunt or uncle you only see once a year. But finding a unique, long-lasting gift that they will love for more than just Christmas Day is quite the challenge. That’s why we came up with a list of the 10 best one-of-a-kind personalised gifts for kids.

A personalised memory® Game

If you’ve ever played a memory® Game with children, you already know it’s actually quite fun for you as well. And after letting them win the first few times, you realise you quickly become weirdly competitive and want to get good at it.

Now is the time to personalise your memory® Game instead of having the classic cards of farm animals that you’ve played with over and over. For a toddler, personalised playing cards with photos of their environment (their house, nursery, bed, etc.) and of the special people in their life will surely become a huge hit, with a personal and familiar touch that will leave them running to the toy box for more. As a bonus, it can familiarise them with people that they might not get to see very often, like grandparents or uncles and aunts. See — Christmas presents for kids, can really be that easy.

For kids ages 4 and up, you can create custom playing cards around their friends and favourite activities. And with two sizes available (24 or 72 cards), you can have up to 36 different photos!

What our customers are saying: “Fabulous family fun and fantastic quality.”

Create a memory® Game

A personalised jigsaw puzzle

Jigsaw for Christmas

Kid’s down time is every parent’s Saturday morning dream. For hours of such luxury, you can thank British cartographer John Spilsbury for inventing jigsaw puzzles in the 18th century. And whether you use a picture of their favourite superhero or the latest family photo, personalised puzzles are a great gift for the kids. All you need is one photo to make your own puzzle, from 49 to 1000 pieces!

What our customers are saying: “I ordered a puzzle for Christmas for my nephew as he loves puzzles and put a picture of all of our family on it! It came within 3 days of order and looked fantastic!! Can’t wait to give it to him on Christmas Day!!”

Create a Jigsaw

A personalised cushion

personalised cushion

You know how kids make everything theirs, whether it’s your phone, your food, or the best spot on the sofa to watch TV? Personalised gifts for children mean they’ll have something that’s truly theirs. For example, like a personalised cushion. You can put their initials on it, and add family photos or funny snaps of the dog. And maybe, just maybe, they’ll let you have the other cushions…

What our customers are saying: “These pillows are amazing quality, the printing is even better than I expected. These make a lovely gift and I definitely recommend them.”

Create a Cushion

A personalised bedtime story

personalised bedtime story

Bedtime stories are a great time for bonding. And, if you’re a parent, it’s probably your only chance to read too! After going through so many of them, the funny ones and the boring ones, you sometimes feel like you could be a children’s author. If you think it’s hard, think again.

We created an easy how-to for turning your child’s favourite toy into their very own storybook hero. All you need is a little imagination, a couple of photos and a My First Photo Book – one of the easiest books to create from our range. It has curved borders and thick board wipeable pages which are safe for the hands of your little one.

What our customers are saying: “An excellent gift for a baby. This is small enough for little hands yet durable and (importantly!) wipe clean.”

Create a bedtime story

A poster for their room

Illustrations kids room

Do you find yourself jealous of the perfect kid’s rooms you see on Instagram or Pinterest? Well, we do. Once you accept the fact that, realistically, a children’s room will have an endless amount of clothes and toys on the floor – and that there’s nothing wrong with this – there are still some things you can do to make their room look nicer to you and them. Like decorating it with a colourful poster of an animal.

Find online copyright-free illustrations or photos to put on a canvas, like these ones from Pixabay.

Create a Canvas

What our customers are saying: “Ordered a 16″x12″ poster and was very pleased with it. the recipient was so pleased she asked me for two more for her family! Excellent quality printing always from Photobox using the best photographic paper and inks.”

A unique swimming towel

personalised towel

Lots of parents love to take their little ones swimming. And usually, it’s an activity that is a sure win for kids, whatever their age. To make the experience even more enjoyable for them, you could create a personalised towel with a photo of their family or favourite animal on it. Plus, if you use it at the beach, you can be sure you’ll never have trouble finding it amongst hundreds of others.

What our customers are saying: “Gorgeous soft towel and brilliant quality of photos on it! My son was so pleased with this gift which had photos of him and the dog on it!!”

Create a Personalised Towel

A personalised pouch

personalised pouch

Looking for good Christmas presents for kids? A personalised pouch can serve multiple purposes: it can hold their pencils, any little belongings they always have on them, or even pocket money. And their pouch will feel even more special if it is custom-made just for them – all it takes is one or two photos.

What our customers are saying: “I got the full set to give as a special present – colours and definition good, and nice strong zips. Excellent”

Create a Pouch

A personalised snow globe

personalised snow globe

A nice and original idea for any child who starts talking about Christmas in August. And since you can open the base and change the photo inside the globe, you can give them a couple of different snaps and let them choose which one they like the most!

What our customers are saying: “Perfect for first xmas. Personal gift.”

Create a Snow Globe

A personalised wooden Christmas Box

Christmas Eve Box

A really nice and long lasting gift that you can fill with smaller presents and chocolates (lots of them). It comes in four beautiful different designs to which you can add a personal message.

Create a Wooden Christmas Box

And for more Christmas gifting ideas, take a look at our NEW Kids page.

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