7 brilliant Christmas party themes

You’ve got to admit, Christmas is the best time of year. The food, the exciting presents to open, the atmosphere and of course, being able to spend some quality time with your nearest and dearest, are all the things we look forward to. But, to have a really great Christmas you need to have a great party! Whether your party will be on Christmas Day or a little earlier, we’ve come up with 7 of the best themes to help inspire you this year.

1. Ugly Christmas jumper theme

Get your colleagues/friends/family to pick up the ugliest Christmas jumper they can find. Tt’s a simple idea, but the results are quite beautiful…maybe. This one is best accompanied with a drinking game, try playing Kris Kringle. It involves sitting in a circle and literally taking turns to say “Kris Kringle” as fast as possible. Anyone who misspeaks in some way or messes up their go has to drink!

2. Christmas movie marathon

Festive movies play a huge part at Christmas time. TV channels air them non-stop throughout December but a nice idea (particularly for families) is to line up all your very favourite movies and watch them in a row. A cute take on drinking games is “sweet roulette” – eating a sweet every time someone says “Christmas” – a definite winner with kiddies! Just in case you’ve missed out on the best movies, this list should help set you on the right track!

3. Festive flights

Flights are in fashion, whether it’s coffee, beer or spirits. So, make your own flight full of Christmas spirit! For those who aren’t initiated with the flight fad, it’s essentially a small selection of samples. Go for mulled wine or some of the other best festive drinks, or keep it tee-total and opt for Christmassy hot chocolates, or even different Christmas puddings!

4. Beach theme

You can think of this one as a sort of… opposite of Christmas in July. Celebrate in the middle of the chilly winter but make sure to deck yourselves out in shorts, sunglasses, snorkel equipment, swimming bands and plenty of sun cream. This theme is sure to create some brilliant photo opportunities so make sure to have a camera at hand! Don’t forget to carry the theme into your menu with iced tea, paella, ice cream and other holiday favourites!

5. Alpine ski lodge theme

Much like the beach theme, you’ll be dressing up, except this time it’s in all your finest skiing gear. It might be a bit over the top to bring your actual skis or snowboard with you, but you can certainly wrap up with a turtleneck jumper and waterproof trousers. Don’t forget the skiing goggles either!

6. Masquerade ball

Throw a sophisticated masquerade ball Christmas party and you’ll be the talk of the town. If you’re a fan of The Phantom of the Opera then you’ll be right at home being adorned in fancy masks and opulent golds and purples. Make sure to keep your food and drink offerings classy, there shouldn’t be any pigs in blankets at this event! The mysterious masked theme of this party also makes it the perfect time to exchange Christmas gifts, especially if you’ve opted in for secret Santa!

7. White Christmas

Yep, you guessed it, everything from your attire to your decorations to your food and drink needs to be bathed in white (eggnog is the beverage of choice here). How you do this is up to you, just be sure to keep everything very clean! This is also one of the most striking themes for photo opportunities. If your party is going to be a while before the 25th, you can collect photos of the occasion and send these to all the attendees as mementoes.

Are you exchanging gifts at your party? If you still need to get a present for colleagues we’ve got some great personalised gift ideas for guys and girls that won’t disappoint.

Are we missing one of your favourite Christmas party themes? Let us know in the comments below!

Last modified: 38months ago


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