Pregnancy announcement ideas

Congratulations, you’re pregnant! You probably can’t wait to tell the world about the bun you have cooking. Sure, you’re probably going to be posting pregnancy announcement cards to every last person you know, but how can you do it in a truly creative way? Here’s our run-down of the very best ways to make a memorable baby birth announcement!

Lots of little things

A popular (slightly cryptic) choice, images of little things are a cute way of saying something little is about to join your family. From the classic pair of baby shoes next to your own to a rose bud next to two adult blooms, there are plenty of artistic ways to interpret this theme and spread word of your soon-to-be new born.

Play on words

Another riddle-worthy way to announce your pregnancy is to feature images that come from popular sayings. Boxing gloves to announce that you’re “knocked up”, a literal bun in the oven or a pic of the green veggies for “pea in the pod” can all make for some great shots. If you want to go the extra mile, go out and find a “bump ahead” road sign and have your picture taken there, make sure to emphasize your belly by holding it!

Get the family involved

Capturing the moment you let your children or significant other know about the baby on the way is a funny and adorable way of sharing the news. There are plenty of ways to drop hints using your family as the main cast, though. A soon-to-be big brother waiting for his “player 2” or a daddy-to-be brushing up on his nursery rhymes are all cute shots that drop big hints.

Don’t forget about the pets, either! A photo of your loyal dog waiting for a new master (maybe with a pair of baby shoes next to his leash) is a great way of getting every member of the family involved.


Who doesn’t love the perfect Instagram food shot? Use it for your baby announcement! “Eating for two” is the perfect caption to put over a pretty image of celebratory foods or those that best fit the theme – baby carrots, baby food, blue or pink cakes, jelly babies, or just an extra big helping of ice cream. A successful food shot will make all your friends want to join you in getting a bigger belly!

Make a game of it

These days it’s easy to create your own jigsaw puzzle, perhaps you could present it to your significant other or family members and ask them to solve it! When they finish and find your message “baby on the way!” their faces are bound to light up. This one is especially good for building up some tension and excitement, you can either play it cool or tell them there’s a really important message in the final picture. Alternatively, ask them to set up the Scrabble box with your message already waiting inside!

Social media frenzy

Got a Facebook account? If not, now is the perfect time to set one up! Add your closest friends and family and share that snap of your positive test or ultrasound pic. Sit back and watch all the crazed notifications roll in. There’s plenty of excuses to have parties during the course of your pregnancy, but if you’d rather keep things low-key to begin with, this is the choice for you.

Pregnancy attire

Make a statement, or let a t-shirt do it for you. This is the perfect approach for those who want something a touch more personal than a remote social media announcement. This way, the congratulations are immediate! Just show up to your next family event wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with a suitable message – try ‘baby on board’, ‘bun cooking, ready in 9 months’ or just the straightforward ‘I’m pregnant!’ – and enjoy the surprise on your loved one’s faces when you take your coat off. Quick, fun and a memory you’ll all keep for a long time, sometimes simple is best!

Have we missed any great ideas? Announced your pregnancy in a great way? We want to hear all about it! Fill us in with a comment below!

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