One of the most important things we pride ourselves on here at PhotoBox is our customer service. There’s no question too big or too small…providing it’s PhotoBox related of course. We can’t help you out with train times or what takeaway to order tonight, sorry!

We thought it was about time we introduced you to one of the longest serving members of the PhotoBox team. So, say a big hello to our social media customer service extraordinaire, Kerry.

With 10 years of PhotoBox knowledge under her belt, Kerry will be helping us with a series of blog posts, which we’ve catchily named ‘Ask Kerry’. From Christmas card queries, to photo calendar questions – Kerry will be here to help you out.

To help you get to know Kerry a little better, we’ve asked her a few burning questions…


Hi Kerry, Tell us a bit about your PhotoBox background…

I moved to London from South Africa in 2000, and have been working at PhotoBox for most of my time living here. I studied photography at college, so when I first moved over here I began working at Joe’s Basement, a print lab in Soho. I think I started at PhotoBox in 2004, where I was hired to run the second printer – we now have a whole lot more than that in our London printing lab!

You’ve been at PhotoBox for an impressive 10 years now. How has your role changed since you started?

I moved into customer services after a year of working in production and from there my role changed quite a lot.

As times have changed our contact platforms have expanded. At first we only received contacts through email and phone, but then in 2007 we introduced a live chat function. We still offer live chat on the site, and it is very useful to be able to assist customer in real time. It also gives us the option of sharing their screens so that we can better understand where their user journey may be going wrong and offer the best support for them.

As social media has taken off over the past years, we’ve found that customers are now more comfortable using Facebook and Twitter to contact us so I am now working to build on and improve the support we offer there. Last year, we won the ‘Best Social Media’ category in the ‘Top 50 Companies for Customer Service’, which I was really happy about.

What’s the best part of your role? And the worst?

The best part of my role is hearing all the positive feedback from our customers, its amazing that people are so happy with their products they get in touch just to say thank you.

The worst part is the rare times when we let people down. We do always try our very best to make up for any mistakes or delays but unfortunately they can happen.

You mentioned that you studied photography at college – tell us a bit more…

I have been interested in Photography since college where we had very limited experience using digital format. All our work was done on film and in dark rooms. If we did any post processing using photoshop we had to scan our negatives. I certainly don’t miss the chemicals from processing, which made the skin on my fingers peel.

We’re sure you’ve got hundreds of photos, but if you had to choose your favourite, which one would it be?

My favourite photograph is one that I took of St Paul’s at sunset on July 6th 2007. I captured it film and I still have the negative.  It was the night before the awful bombings on the London underground so to me it has a very eerie quality.

I entered the photograph in a competition and won a trip around England from it. On that trip I met a lovely Canadian girl, who I knew immediately would be perfect match for a friend of mine. I introduced them as soon as we got back to London and they are now married and have just recently had a baby girl. The photo is also their favorite.

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Thanks Kerry! You certainly know your way around a camera. Keep an eye out in the next few weeks for our next ‘Ask Kerry’ blog, where she’ll be looking at some of our most popular PhotoBox products and answering any questions you might have about them.

Got a question for Kerry? Ask away in the comments below & we might feature it for our next blog post.