Hands up if you’re an Instagram-a-holic? Us too. We’ve lost count of the amount of pictures we’ve snapped and filtered this year.

It’s now the beginning of December, so we have decided to combine our favourite photos with one of our favourite Christmas traditions – the advent calendar.

In true crafty-style, this can be created at home and doesn’t require too much work – we recommend a Sunday afternoon with some mulled wine and a festive film on in the background.

WUNAC copy

What you’ll need:


1 x Empty A2 Frame

25 x small wooden pegs

1 x ball of string or twine

25 x small envelopes (coloured or plain, your choice)

25 x your favourite Instagram shots to use on our 5 x 5 prints

Box of your favourite chocolates / sweets…you’ll need to save at least 25!

Number stencils

Paint – any colour

Glitter – any colour

Step 1:


Using the stencils and envelopes, paint numbers 1 – 25 on your envelopes. Leave to one side to dry.

Step 2:

Using the string or twine, measure from one side of the frame to the other, cut and secure tightly with pins.

Step 3:


Fill each envelope with a treat of your choice (make sure you’ve got something extra special for the 25th!).

Pair each envelope up with a print – we’ve chosen prints from throughout the year, but you could go with a particular theme, like all Christmas photos, or photos of your child’s favourite toys.


Step 4:

Decide whether you want your advent calendar to go in a random or numerical order. We’ve gone for a mixed up look but it’s completely up to you.


Clip each envelope, with a print behind it, onto the string using the small wooden pegs. Ta-da! You’re all done


As you countdown the days, turn the prints around and clip in front of the envelopes. You’ll be able to remind yourself of all the fun you had in 2014 every time you turn a print around and countdown the days till Christmas.


Display your Instagram Advent Calendar where the whole family can admire it and get involved. We’ve added a string of fairy lights around the outside of ours – you could try tinsel, or even holly branches.


Order your prints here, and get started on your very own photo advent calendar.