Taking great illusion photographs requires a lot of preparation and co-ordination. However, it is definitely worth it when the end result is a photo that leaves everyone captivated. Using perspective in your photography can create a novel and compelling shot. Our eyes look for the most logical perspective of the image which results, but after a closer look we understand what’s truly in the image. Using imaginative composition, lighting effects or photo-editing software, illusion photography allows your photographs to play tricks on the viewer’s visual senses.

We’ve compiled a selection of great photography illusions that truly wowed us, and we hope it will do the same for you too.


Illusion-optique-femme-NBSpread your wings and fly. © Noell S. Oszvald


What do you see? © Liammm


Apocalypse Now: Ant vs. attack helicopter… place your bets! © yourbrotherrex


Will you get this message in a bottle? © David Zaitz

bigger moon

High Five and reach for the moon! © Adrian Limani

Ballet skirt

A brand new style of tutu has hit the town! © terr-bo

Stepping on Stonehenge bigger

One small step for man, one giant leap over Stonehenge. © maybemaq


What’s your best side?

Olympic Logo

London we have a problem – it seems like the moon insists on joining the games too! © Luke MacGregor

Man playing with cars

Playing with toy cars can be as meditative as writing on snow in a Zen garden – mother’s advice. Via Julia Segal Time

Eiffel Tower

After a long day tolerating endless queues of tourists, the Eiffel tower would like to have its say! © Hughes Léglise-Bataille

9f62a67daf691ef5de08cb9ff731cf70Slam-dunk! © Adrian Limani

80c462fd144894f4eeba8cf2d22ac75cInvisible man via theberry.com

c4c37f66ee55b24b8bc9a411af758f59Balancing act. Via Retro Zone

b9934d904e56887adce6e4163f13d269Hold on, we’ve got you! Via nster

e9c9a38531579c9c0e7024afb00d01fcJar of birds. Via Kulfoto

b4fbf721be0d777b4e3e92121b18f585Cloud balloon © merrrm

b082cc62cd65576d5e85e87db9be87d1I love you to the moon and back! Via Gabriela Kusterbeck

65e31447ff8e24c8bf159c00f90486dfWhere do you think you’re going? Via Former_Manc on Reddit

Have you ever created great optical illusion pictures?

Which of the above photos did you like the best? If you can’t choose one then create a photo calendar so you can be immersed in a different optical illusion each month!


All photos were found on Pinterest and have been pinned to our ‘Illusion Photography’ board.