How do you make a Photo Book? Easy! You don’t have to be an expert photographer, graphic designer or artist to make a Photo Book that’s a true work of art. Giving you the opportunity to collect all your photos in a bound collection, Photo Books are more secure (and stylish!) than traditional photo albums. Plus, making a high quality Photo Book takes no more than a few clicks, a bit of imagination and, of course, all your favourite photos!

A truly beautiful display of your photos can be far more than a keepsake. It can be a coffee table book or even a portfolio of your greatest work (if you are documenting your work as a designer, tattoo artist or architect)! If you plan on designing your own Photo Book, here’s our handy guide on how to make sure it’s designed to perfection!

Step 1: Pick your style

Photo Books come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, so it’s all about your own personal preference. Go for a soft-cover square book or an impressive deluxe book, a spiral bound keepsake or a pocket-sized mini book – everything from the size, finish and type of paper can be easily tweaked to your exact specifications.

Step 2: Pick your photos

Don’t be lazy and just drop a whole photo folder into your photo book, you need a bit of curation! First of all, the cover shot. This is the image that will grace the front of your Photo Book, so make it a good one!

If your photo book has a theme, like a birthday or a wedding, then a shot of the cake, bride’s bouquet or the venue can be a lovely, much subtler cover image. These Instagram-worthy images of flowers, venues, shoes, decorations and food are great as filler images too, and can give your photo book a gorgeous sense of flow, punctuating key shots with other aspects of the day, and highlighting the experience as a whole.

Step 3: Order your photos

Unlike photo albums which are often a haphazard collection of images, photo books lend themselves much better to a sense of narrative, so take the opportunity to tell your story! If it’s a single day you are capturing in your book, make sure that you’ve got photos from morning to evening.

Chronological image order goes great for books documenting a whole year of family fun, or order them in ‘episodes’ with holidays and special occasions being grouped together and separated by a cover shot, maybe one of the beach if it’s for a sandy get-away. You can even order them by person if you each have photos you want included from your own individual days out, or just go ahead and stick your most loved photos at the front!

Step 4: Get the layout right

This is all down to you! You can have one photo per page, opt for a lively collage layout, add funky captions with details of the event, or just a favourite quote – you can even get fancy and have a double page spread of a favourite panoramic shot. Pick a theme and background colour to complement your images – white florals for weddings, naturally.

Pre-made layouts make it easy to design anything from a memory book to a recipe book, with pretty embellishments or super fun illustrations (everyone needs a purple moustache, after all!) borders and themes all easy drag-and-dropped into your design. Go for single page or double page, play with full-page spreads or just one image artistically centred in the middle of your page, whatever you want!

Step 5: Enjoy it!

Photo books are the perfect gift for a friend or loved one, but a photo journal is a fantastic way to capture your own special memories! Display them with pride on your coffee table or side board!

What’s your favourite way to make a photo book? Have any creative ideas we missed? Let us know!