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How I put the Artist Collection together, by Pippa Jameson

Our brand new Artist Collection is the first time you’ve been able to buy gallery-quality art prints from us. From landscapes to wildlife, abstract to kids’ art, there’s something to brighten up every wall.

Leading interior designer Pippa Jameson curated the collection, and we caught up with her to find out how she made her choices from the Bridgeman Images library . (And more importantly, how you can make them work on your walls.)

Pippa says, “This felt like a really good opportunity to use my industry knowledge and passion for art to create a personal and yet commercial collection. As art is a big part of my shoots, I felt that I had something to offer from a stylist’s point of view, as well as I’m asked time and time again by people, ‘Where can I buy affordable art?’”

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Art in your own home

Not only did Pippa pick her favourites but she donated her home and styling skills too. Take a look at the Artist Collection and you’ll see the pictures are all photographed in a home. The home? Naturally, it’s Pippa’s.

After a closer look at the images it’s pretty clear that the wall behind, and the art or objects it’s next to, make a huge difference. (Next week, Pippa will talk about how to curate your own art collection in your own home.) There’s also a choice of Canvas, Poster or Framed Print to fit into your home’s current style.

Five of Pippa’s favourites

After the mammoth task of choosing and photographing the Artist Collection, our HQ has been covered in gorgeous Prints and Canvas shots.

There’s a lot to choose from, but each was carefully chosen to work in modern homes. Here’s why these five pictures have a special place in Pippa’s heart.

Construction by László Moholy-Nagy

“Sometimes it can be hard to say exactly why a piece of art captivates you; it could be the colour, the composition, the subject matter, or all three. What I do know is that I like Laszlo’s formulaic and simple design, the use of shapes and composition, combined with his calming pallet.

“When we positioned this painting in my hallway, it seemed to fit perfectly. I loved the way the black line mirrored not only the picture frame but also the table it sat on. It felt like it was meant to be there. Hanging art in the hallway or entrance to your home is a great way to add some character, style and personality.”

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Flamenco Flamingo by Jane Peart

“This flamingo painting by Jane Peart simply makes me happy. There are so many things I love about it. Primarily, the way Jane has managed to capture the suggestion of a lovely moment with a flamingo entranced by its own reflection.

“The beautifully painted water creates a sense of calm and her choice of colours are striking, especially against the deep green wall of my home. With the trend for darker paint colours in the home, colourful pieces such as these will look really impactful.”

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Jumping Hare by Lucy Willis

“On looking at art for children, Lucy Willis’s work really caught my eye. It steps away from simplistic art using primary colours to a more fluid and sophisticated style.

“I love the friendly feel of the animals captured in her beautiful and illustrative pieces. Being able to see her sketch lines and therefore her drawing technique makes the pieces come alive, which is perfect for children.”

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Folded Nude Midnight by Angie Kenber

“The human form has always fascinated me and all throughout my college years, life drawing played a big part. I think there was a sense of escapism when exploring the movement of the body through painting or sketching.

“Angie has managed to capture a quiet pose with just a few fluid brush strokes. I love the simplicity of the black ink as if it’s been taken straight from her sketchbook.”

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Hot Air Rises by Rebecca Campbell

“I was really taken by Rebecca Campbell’s ‘Hot Air Rises’. I tried to imagine looking at it from a child’s eyes and it gave me a sense of fun and freedom.

“The truth is, I think it probably brings me as much joy looking at it now as an adult as it would have as a child. This print would make the perfect piece for a child’s bedroom or playroom as it’s so fun and colourful.”

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Your walls, your rules

Those are Pippa’s choices but the really important question is – which is your favourite?

If you’re looking to give your home a modern update, some carefully curated, affordable art might just do the trick. The range of sizes let you play with how the image will work in your room. Do you want a big statement piece that take up a whole wall, a series of images or an interesting print that works with the art you already have?

Take a look at the new Artist Collection and prepare to fall in love.