This often-neglected area of the house has a great deal of potential. Here are 5 ideas to bring out its personality (oversized photos, a photo wall, polaroids, and more).

When it comes to decor, every room counts. Especially the entrance hall, the first space that you see upon entering. In addition to setting the tone for your home’s decor, the hallway offers plenty of storage space that you can take advantage of. Here are 5 ideas to show you how…

The ‘hygge’ style nest

The ‘hygge’ trend of decorating comes from Denmark. We wrote about it here in a previous blog post. Why not create a “hyggekrog” in your home: a small, cosy corner where you can read quietly while drinking a cup of tea. And what if your hallway were to transform into a space devoted entirely to cocooning? To achieve this, repaint the walls in gentle tones, like cream, almond green or pastel pink. Place a row of long white candles on a fine metal sideboard. On the floor, arrange some pretty, ultra-soft rugs, like sheepskin, and place a lamp at the end of the hallway. All that’s missing is a chair for moments of pure ‘hygge’ relaxation: a comfortable armchair and a hanging wicker feature to complete the look.

Mock up poster with vintage hipster loft interior background, 3D rendering

Hallway decor: opt for a photo wall

If there is one place where you can display your photos without cluttering up the space, it’s the walls in the hallway. There are so many options. Why not choose retro polaroid-style prints to add a vintage touch to your interior? If you’re patient enough, cover the whole wall surface for a very trendy ‘all-over’ effect. Or arrange your prints into ‘clusters’—square-shaped, round or rectangular—using white tack or double sided tape. There’s also the opportunity to choose framed prints when you order them. Create beautiful compositions by placing your framed prints on a narrow bookshelf, grouping them together in a single corner of the wall or arranging them in the shape of an extra-large square. The choice is yours!

different size canvases on a wall

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Transform your hallway into an art gallery

Are you an art lover? Go minimalist and chic by transforming the walls of your hallway into an exhibition space. For example, you can play around with rows of printed canvases inspired by your favourite photos (60×80 cm or 75×100 cm). Arrange them in a single line, traced beforehand with a drawing pencil, about 170 cm from the ground. Watch our video to see how easy it can be to hang our canvas. Another option: enlarge your photos then frame them, using the same style of frame. For a great hallway decorating idea, choose the same colours and sizes. Be original (and money savvy) by hanging your enlarged photos on coat hangers or bulldog clips directly on the wall.

Wooden floor and neutral walls in a contemporary apartment

Create a hallway library

You can maximise the storage space in your home, all the while bringing character to your hallway decor. If you have a blank wall, mount a series of bookshelves along the length of the wall. In a narrow hallway, go for smaller shelves: at Argos, you’ll find shelves as narrow as 15 cm, to avoid taking up space. To enhance your hallway decor even more, fill the shelves with your favourite books, framed family photos and decorative objects like vases, acrylic frames, chic statuettes and calendars.

Shelf containing photo blocks

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Add some colour to your hallway

Show off your most colourful side. To achieve this, you can cover your walls in wallpaper with exuberant motifs: graphic, exotic, or classic, according to your personal taste. Alternatively, paint the walls and ceiling of your hallway in the same colour. Or in contrast, leave the walls white and give the whole place a boost by painting only the skirting boards and mouldings in a bright colour. Finally, play around with perspective by painting only the lower half of the walls or just the end of the hallway.

living room furniture with colourful wallpaper

With all these ideas, you can make the very best of your hallway. Which hallway decor idea will you choose?