Long gone are the days of green 70s interior design – green bathrooms, carpets and such… But. Green is definitely back! Mint, apple, olive, lime or Greenery (Pantone’s colour of the year): green is THE hot colour this Spring. Follow our  top tips to bring this season’s hottest colour into your home.

But first, why go green?

Green hues represent the natural world, and in doing so make us feel more relaxed and increase our vitality. A German study published in the scientific journal Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin even demonstrated that the presence of green improves our creativity! Green is a strong colour, so we would recommend not to go wild with it, but instead use splashes of green on one wall, or a touch here and there using green accessorise.

living room containing white and green furniture for spring

The shade depends on the room

Bright shades of green work best in the bathroom, kids’ bedrooms or perhaps the kitchen – if it is separate from the living room. Be sure to set the green against a white background to keep it from becoming overpowering.

For the living room or master bedroom, a softer more relaxed shade of green will help to create a calmer environment. Try a shade of olive green, pastel green, verdigris or khaki. These softer shades coordinate beautifully with white or cream, as well as more pronounced shades such as deep violet, pale pink, storm grey, pastel blue or greyish blue. You could even embrace the Jungalow green trend (more below), with some exotic tropical wallpaper. We love the Honolulu Palm Leaf wallpaper byJulien Macdonald at Debenhams.

pink room with green arm chair and coffee table with a plant

Time to go Jungalow

jungle wallpaper


Jungalow is here. Exotic prints patterned with large-fronded ferns, whimsical wallpapers bursting with big cats, crocodiles and mischievous monkeys, this trend is great for a little escapism. The easiest way to embrace this trend is by bringing the outside in with plants. Palm trees, ferns, ivy, succulent plants, cacti and ficuses. Houseplants are beautiful, some hanging baskets in the kitchen and a low maintenance cactus in the bedroom perhaps? Just remember, you need to look after and water them. If you don’t have a green thumb, you can always resort to artificial plants, which will also have decorative impact.

An understated green interior design.

Not ready to paint yourself into a corner to follow this interior design trend? Then consider furniture or accessories. You can always introduce a touch of Greenery, dark green, or seafoam green into your home in the form of cushions, vases, curtains or mugs for a matching furniture colour theme. You might also repaint a chest of drawers or a kitchen dresser in this season’s freshest shade after lightly sanding it.

Use your own photos

Another tip: Make use of your talent as a photographer and take your own photo of a country landscape in the spring.Then visit our website: www.photobox.com to print your photo on an aluminium print for a designer look, or on an oversized canvas wall hanging for a vibrant touch.

Ready to freshen up your home with green interior design? You’ve got our green light to go ahead!

Create a green Pantone photo book made up of all your holiday photos











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personalised iphone and samsung cases with photos on a jungle leaf











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Collage canvas of friends using green colours for spring











Canvas Prints

tropical jungle themed personalised mugs











Photo Mugs

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