Last week, we showed you how use your old, printed photos of your Dad to create a photo book that he’ll love. This week, we wanted to create a gift that’s a bit more ‘look-at-me’ that Dad can hang on his wall. Read on to find out our tips on making a collage canvas for Father’s Day..

Father’s Day Collage Canvas


What you’ll need

A selection of photos, old (printed) & new (digital)

A DSLR or digital camera – a smartphone with a high quality camera will also work too

Access to a computer or laptop

Step 1:


Pick out a mix of 3-5 of your favourite old photos and newer digital ones. You could choose a theme for the canvas before you start creating – we had lots of photos of trips to the beach, and used 2 older photos & one Instagram shot to show this off.

Lay out your old photos individually on a plain background – a wooden table or (clean!) floor works well – and use your camera to take a photo…of a photo, ensuring you crop as near as possible to the original photo.



Top tip: Use the manual setting on your camera to ensure you’re getting the best focus for each photo – this will mean you have a high quality image to upload to PhotoBox before creating your canvas

Step 2:

Upload your ‘photos of photos’ to a new PhotoBox album, alongside your recent digital shots – you can even upload from Instagram or Facebook if you like.

Dadcollageblog1 Select the size of collage canvas that works best for you’ve – we’ve gone with a 16” x 16” square canvas, as we thought it suited the photos we had the best.

Step 3:

Using the PhotoBox studio, you’ve got the option to choose from lots of different layouts for your canvas. You can click on one of the pre-designed options, or even use the aperture button to create a design that works best for the shape and size of the images you’ve chosen.

Top Tip: If you do decide to create your own layout, use our red guidelines to make sure the images are spaced evenly on the canvas



Top tip: Use our illustrations & text feature to add a little message to your Dad – a present & a card all in one!

Make sure you check the quality of each photo before you save and order your canvas. Good quality photos will have a green smiley face next to them, average quality (which will still print out at an okay quality) will have an orange face, and low quality (red, unhappy face) will not print well.

Once you’re happy with your layout and quality, you’re ready to order! Sit back & relax with a cup of tea and get ready to be crowned the best son / daughter / grandchild around – no need to thank us!


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