How to create a unique Desktop Calendar

It’s Monday. You’re staring at a blank screen. Your coffee is barely lukewarm. The office radio has played the same song four times so far today. You’re feeling a little… unmotivated. Trust us, we know the feeling.

Here at Photobox, we know that sometimes everyone needs a bit of cheer, a little something to say “You got this!”, which is why we’ve created this handy blog post. Read on to discover how to create a motivational desk calendar that’s sure to brighten even the dullest of days (and desks).

Dig out your photos

You’ll need to pick out 12 of your favourite snaps to create your unique calendar or, if you’d like to have a completely different image on the front cover, 13. To make things a little easier, decide on your layout prior to creating: that way, when you start, you’ll already know which photo belongs to each month.

Creating this for yourself? Choose photos of your favourite faces to raise a smile, or photos of your pet (we know you’ve got a lot of them…). If you’re creating this as a gift, you could select photos of faraway places, travels or adventures you’ve been on with this person to offer them a sense of escape from the everyday.

Choose your quotes

Whether you choose your favourite song lyrics, quotes from your heroes, excerpts from a book you love, or just a few words to perk you up – this is the part that will really brighten your day. You can match each quote up to a certain picture, or just throw them all together in any order. What matters most is the words. If you’re a little stuck for inspiration and can’t quite find the words to motivate, places like Instagram and Pinterest are great for motivational quotes.

Get creative

This is the fun part! Firstly, choose which month you’d like to start from – is this a ‘new year, new calendar’ or a mid-year surprise? Our calendars can start from any month you’d like, so they’re perfect if you’re stuck in a bit of a mid-year slump.

Next, get creative. Select your theme: do you go for a classic black or white, a crafty linen or paper effect, or a bright or bold colour? With lots of different themes to choose from, you can select one that compliments the colour of your photos and really makes them pop.

All that’s left to do now is to upload your photos and insert your quotes. You can change the size and placement of your photo, and the colour, size and placement of your font, so make sure you’ve got the time to get creative! Or, if you’re having a particularly dull day, you could even create your calendar from your desk… (don’t worry, we don’t tell!).

Last modified: 39months ago


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