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DIY: How to create personalised wall art for your kid’s bedroom

Decorating a kid’s bedroom can sometimes be a really tough job for parents. You’re torn between making your children happy with whatever they want in their room, and what you want for them: a room with a unique and cool vibe with a bright pop of colour and calm at the same time. A space to not only play but also to relax and unwind.

It’s a space you spent a lot of time thinking about, pinning frantically on Pinterest, creating mood boards and scrolling a lot of Lifestyle and Decoration blogs! If you’re looking to refresh the decoration of your eldest’s bedroom or for some tips to brighten up the Nursery room of your little one, read on to discover our ideas to brighten up your kids’ bedroom!

Begin with some personal touches here and there

Wall art is the easiest way to add a personal touch to a bedroom. You can hang here a canvas print with a copyright-free colourful watercolour or a poster of an animal found online on Pixabay. If you are more a DIY kind of person, you can create your own illustration in the creative tool of your choice (i.e. Photoshop or Canva), order an Aluminium or an Acrylic Print – they come with a hanging system already fitted so it’s super easy to hang – and place it in your little one’s bedroom!

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Add artworks

Another tip to give a bit of “je ne sais quoi” to a room is adding framed artwork, photographs, and prints, which will give a graphic touch to your kids’ space. Choose copyright-free favourites or browse iStock for some fabulous pieces to inspire their creative minds!


Bring a bit of trendiness

By building a gallery wall as seen in your favourite decoration magazine. It can add a personalised touch to a room like no other, especially if you’re filling your wall with your kids’ masterpieces. Select their most beautiful drawings, find the canvas you want, organise the display and hang them!

You can do the same by choosing Framed poster prints. Opt for the black frame for a graphic and elegant effect or the white one for a Scandi atmosphere. The benefit of a wall full of canvas is that you can assemble together different styles (kids’ drawings, prints, photos or quotes) and play with the diversity of the frames (size, shape, colour) and their place on the wall.

Another cool way to add a bit of fun to their own room: turn the drawings of your little Picasso into a personalised calendar!

A bit of magic

You want a playful kid’s bedroom, joyful, not overcrowded and calm? Put inspiring quotes on the wall you can read and read again when you spend some quality time together (or you can read when you wake up during the night to take care of your little one!).

Born to be wild, Dream big little one or You are my sunshine are some of the quotes you could print on one of our canvases, square or rectangle shape, you decide! Then you add the message you want, choose your favourite font, and ta-da your creation is ready!

Another hack is to replace the mantra of your choice with the name of your child, its meaning, birth date or birth chart!

Citation sur un Poster encadré

The quote idea printed on a canvas or a poster is endlessly reproducible, particularly on Mugs, Cushions and much more.

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