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Can you make a Photo Book on your mobile?

The short answer: absolutely. It can be much easier if you’re always on the go and have countless photos stored on your phone. So, we’ve put together a few tips to help get you started…

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First, log in

Begin by uploading your photos to your Photobox account to create Photo Books online. If you take a lot of pics on your phone then this makes it super easy to select the ones you love in just a few taps.

Pro tip: You won’t lose any of your work if you lose connection. Even if you decide to switch from mobile to desktop, you can easily find your Photo Book in ‘My Creations’.

Create our favourite: The Little Moments Photo Book

Why do we love it? It’s fun-sized, quick to create and really easy to wrap as a gift (hint hint). The simple layout lets you crack on with choosing your 25 photos with plenty of time to rearrange and tweak the order.

You really can make one in five minutes, if that’s all the time you have.

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Get a helping hand

Use our handy tool Photobox Easy Create™ to make a Photo Book and let us do the work for you.

Start by answering a few quick questions about your Book and upload your photos. Then, we’ll organise, arrange and crop your photos ready for you to review, edit, shuffle and perfect…or simply print!

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Say it how you mean it

Get extra personal with your Photo Book and add some captions and quotes. You can add text (just click on the ‘T’ in a text box to zoom in so you can see what you’re doing) and just like on desktop, change the font, colour and where it sits on the page.

Play around

Don’t worry, you’re allowed to change your mind! To edit layouts, just tap the one you want and it will appear in your personalised Photo Book. It’s the same with the background: tap the colour you’d like and the page will change.

Swapping double page spreads around is also very simple. Just tap ‘All pages’, select the page you’d like to move, and then tap ‘Move left’ or ‘Move right’.

Get connected

Save your data for when you’re out and about and connect to WiFi (if you can) for our smoothest creation experience. Either way, we’d recommend tapping on the disk at the top to save your photo album regularly.

Save it

Even if you can see your images once you’ve dragged them onto the pages, they might still be uploading. Give it a minute before you press ‘checkout’. Photo Books can be quick but if your images are high-quality or large they may take a bit longer to upload. But trust us, they’re worth the wait!

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Try the app

We’ve got one more trick up our sleeve. Give the Photobox app a go and upload photos instantly, straight from your iPhone or Android. Create your own Book in a flash and why not check out some of our other easy-to-make photo gifts while you’re at it…