Tinsel and baubles are all well and good for decorating your Christmas tree, but what about giving it a personal touch? We’ve come up with a super easy DIY project that only requires a packet of Retro Prints, some string and mini pegs (in our DIY kits) that will have your tree looking great in no time!

Create Retro Prints

First up, choose your favourite photos from your pack of Retro Prints. Next, unravel the string and peg them on with equal spacing between each photo. You can add an extra special touch by intertwining fairy lights with the string! Et voila, it’s done!  (We told you it was super easy).

Not only does this add some originality to your Christmas tree but guests will love spotting their face on one of the prints. Another fun activity you can all enjoy over the Christmas period is letting friends and family write a little message or caption on the retro print featuring them. Then, you will have a truly unique, tree which has been personalised by all your loved ones!

Watch our video below to see how it’s done.