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Can you make a Photo Book on your mobile?

Yes, you can. And here are a few tips that’ll make it easier.

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First, log in

You can upload your photos to a Photobox album, which makes filling your book easier. It also means you won’t lose your work if you lose connection.

Little Moments Photo Book is super simple

It looks great, makes a lovely little present and even fits into a stocking. As there are no layout choices to make, you just need to select 25 photos. And then rearrange the order if you like.

You really can make one in five minutes, if that’s all the time you have.

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Smartfill my book

To make things even easier, we can Smartfill your book for you.

Simply scroll through your phone library and select the images you want, say yes to Smartfill and we’ll add them all into your book. Add a heart to your favourites and we’ll make these ones bigger.

Then it’s easy to swap images or pages to get things just how you want them.

Finding the right words

You can add text (don’t worry, once you click on the ‘T’ in a text box, it’ll zoom in so you can see what you’re doing). And just as on a desktop, you can change the font, colour and where it sits.

Exactly how you want it

To change layouts, just drag and drop the one you want onto your page. It’s the same with the background, click the colour and drag up.

Swapping double page spreads around is also simple. Just click on the tab underneath and drag it to its new spot.

Go for WiFi

Biggie this. Don’t use your data to upload your photos! Get on the WiFi and things should be much smoother. Click on the disk to save regularly too.

Trust a smiley face

Pay very close attention to the green smiley face. If it says there may be an issue with your image quality, don’t chance it.

Saving it

Even if you can see your images once you’ve dragged them onto the pages, they might not have quite finished uploading. Give it a minute before you press checkout. Photo Books can be quick but if your images are large you don’t want to lose that hilarious caption or excellent layout idea.

And that’s how you can create the most thoughtful gift there is, on your phone.

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