Everyone loves an inspirational quote. Whether it’s printed onto a cushion, made into a motivational poster for your bedroom wall or just typed up for Instagram, these short and sweet little quotes let us have a moment of reflection, a tiny boost to get us through the day. So what better day to use a quote than a birthday?

Writing happy birthday wishes can easily end up sounding generic, boring and not very heartfelt, but with the addition of a carefully sourced quote, the lucky birthday boy or girl can love your message as much as the birthday gifts they accompany. Here are some of our favourite inspirational quotes:

Birthday quotes for her

  1. Dreams and dedication are a powerful combination
  2. Keep being pretty – pretty awesome, pretty tough, pretty fierce, pretty amazing
  3. Sometimes be good, sometimes be bad, but always be fabulous, darling
  4. Remember; never apologise for being you, insecurity is a waste of time
  5. No one can make you feel inferior without your consent
  6. Don’t compare yourself to others, there is no comparing the sun and the moon, they shine when it’s their time
  7. I always wake up smiling…I think it’s your fault
  8. You are my today and all my tomorrows
  9. It’s the million little things that you don’t even know you’re doing that make you amazing
  10. Hey, you’re gorgeous
  11. Her smile was like armour and every day she went to war

Birthday quotes for him

  1. Remember your goals and why you started
  2. Do not work for an easier life, work to be a tougher man
  3. Wake up anticipating that something great will happen today
  4. Great hopes make great men
  5. You were born with the ability to change lives
  6. To the one who stole my heart, I’ll let you keep it
  7. Once you stop chasing the wrong things, the right things catch you
  8. If you are thrown to the wolves, return leading the pack
  9. If you’re still trying, then you are not failing
  10. Whatever you are, be a good one

Birthday quotes for friends

  1. Good friends will know you’re a good egg, even when you’re cracked
  2. Friends are the family we choose for ourselves
  3. Friendship means that even when you’re alone, you aren’t
  4. A true friend is the person who brings out the best in you
  5. In my friend, I find a second self
  6. I can’t always stop the downpour but I’ll always walk beside you when it rains
  7. A fabulous friendship multiplies the good in life
  8. Friends are the only ones who know how truly insane you actually are
  9. I will be successful because my friend believes I will be and I cannot let them down
  10. A friend will know you’re hiding something before you do, and always make it better

Birthday quotes for the year to come

  1. Don’t think you’re special because it’s your birthday…You’re special every day!
  2. Ten years from now, make sure you can say you chose your life and didn’t settle for it
  3. Birthdays are good for your health, the more you have, the longer you live!
  4. You’ll never have this day again, make it count!
  5. It’s your road and yours alone, invite others to walk it with you, but no one can walk it for you
  6. Mistakes are made, dreams realised, memories captured, the beautiful thing is that life still goes on
  7. You’re not getting old, you’re getting better
  8. Growing old is mandatory but growing up is optional
  9. Forget the past, the future is yet to come
  10. A whole year more incredible-r!

Sending birthday wishes and found the perfect quote? Then get it looking fabulous on a birthday card and make someone’s special day even better!