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5 easy hacks to create professional Photo Books

How do you design a Photo Book online? What size do you need? And how do you choose the right one? Here are some insider tips to help you get cracking – and turn yours from tepid to triumphant.

Which size Photo Book is best?

If you’ve a phone that’s heaving with great shots, you’ll need a lot of pages. A4 or A3 Personalised Photo Books have the most possible pages (up to 160). And it’s a couple of clicks to personalise yours with loads of different layouts and background colours.

You can put several photos on each page, and add extra pages if you need them, with almost all our books. Instagram-fiend? Then a square shape will show off your images.

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Er, how do I choose?

Documenting a summer or a year? Try the A4 Classic Photo Book or Square Hardcover Photo Book with unlimited photos on each page and loads of room for all your images.

If you’re making a keepsake from a family reunion, how about the A5 Square Softcover Photo Book? With up to four photos per page, it looks great but it’s affordable enough to give everyone a copy.

That brilliant day out where you got some amazing shots of the kids? Little Moments Photo Book has a photo on each of its 24 pages and is miles better than scrolling through your phone.

There are also Mum, Dad, Love, Pantone and Swarovski Crystal encrusted books, depending on who you’re making one for.

What is Lay Flat and do I need it?

It’s pretty simple really, this is just a way of book binding that allows the pages to open completely. Where the A3 Lay Flat Photo Book really comes into its own is awesome panoramic shots spread over two pages – none of the drama is lost.

It’s also great for group shots (family gatherings, weddings…) as it means no one gets lost in the spine. Real photography pros love it because your creation feels more like a coffee table book rather than a photo album.

What makes a great Photo Book cover?

Some Photo Books let you personalise the whole cover. In others, your images peek through cut outs. For a book that’s really ‘them’ how about a collage of their best bits? Or a photo that sums up exactly what they mean to you? A tricky ask but if you nail it, you’ve struck Photo Book gold right from the start.

What can I do with text?

You’ve 10 books (the square ones, Lay Flat ones and A4/A3 Personalised ones) which let you personalise their spines too. So even if it’s tucked away on a bookshelf, your book feels special.

And don’t underestimate the power of adding words to your photos. A little inside joke, nicknames or just telling the story of that photo elevates a nice album – into shared history.

Cheater’s charter

Still not convinced? Well, you don’t need to spend ages poring over layouts or ordering your photos (although it can get quite addictive), just select our new time saving feature. This takes all your uploaded images and fills your chosen book with them instantly.

Happy Photo Book-ing!

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