It’s the 21st Century, but does your living room know that? Bring your interior design right up to speed with our top 30 modern décor ideas!

  1. Light hardwood flooring can help to create a bright and airy space that’s minimal without sacrificing beautiful design.

Wooden flooring keeps the room airy

  1. Switch off the television, for good. We’re all about simplicity in the here and now, and decorating your living room sans TV is a great way of introducing an elegant contemporary aesthetic to your living room.
  2. An armchair with a bold print fabric can be the perfect accent piece for your modern décor.

Sit back, relax!

  1. Introduce colourful cushions into a room with neutral tones to really make it pop!
  2. Hang up some vintage prints to create artistic flair
  3. Black and grey colours are a great way of adding an understated minimalist feel to a modern living room.
  4. Scandinavian style is at the forefront of contemporary interior design trends. For your very own ‘hygge’ heaven, add homely hints like candles and blankets to a minimalist living room.

Candles are the perfect way to add some warm tones

  1. Wooden consoles, cabinets and shelves are the perfect way of adding a few rustic elements to your living room.
  2. Modern décor is all about light. Open-weave coffee tables, floor-to-ceiling windows, personalised wall art and translucent furniture are your friends.
  3. Dot interesting or unusual plants throughout the room for a natural flavour that’s just as understated as it is intriguing.

One contemporary cactus, coming right up

  1. For all the bookworms out there, a reading nook is one of the best ways of really making your living room your own.
  2. If you’ve got a desk in your living room, why not add a desk photo for that personal touch?
  3. Let light flood the room by using sheer curtains, rather than heavy drapes or blinds.

For a light space, go for sheer

  1. Loads of different colours can work well for a contemporary room, but one thing that might set your space apart is the introduction of metallic, gold or silver elements.
  2. Just because you’re aiming for a modern décor aesthetic, doesn’t mean you can’t blend the traditional with the contemporary. Statement pieces like cabinets or Victorian mirrors can work great in the appropriate setting.
  3. Add elements from different cultures for a truly modern interior design.
  4. A booze or coffee station (why not both!) is the perfect addition to any interior.

Keep your guests refreshed!

  1. Stay low, low, low! Modern décor tends to use lots of low-back furniture pieces, including sofas and coffee tables.
  2. Black and white are the ideal statement colours. Go for a black and white rug or sofa to really stamp your design creds on the space!
  3. Make sure that your living room matches with the rest of your home. Use one ‘hero colour’ in every room to pull your entire dwelling together.
  4. Oversized greenery can bring a touch of vibrancy to the room. A spider plant is one of the most popular choices.

A spider plant can bring the outdoors to you

  1. If you’re designing in a small space, use a couple of full-size furniture pieces rather than trying to cram in lots of smaller ones.
  2. No contemporary living room is complete without personalised prints of artistic landscapes mounted on the walls. Go with a much-loved classic or personalise it with one of your very own photos.

Keep things artistic with an art print

  1. Want a warm look that’s also as contemporary as they come, go for gold.
  2. Mix and match textures. Why can’t we have the best of all worlds, after all!
  3. Go symmetrical, or go home! Seriously, symmetry is your friend if you’re trying to create a modern look for your living room.
  4. Choose a couple of diverse pieces, and leave lots of empty space, for a modern décor that also serves as a great representation of who you are.
  5. Varying shades of white and cream puts you in minimalist dreamland!
  6. No-one’s quite as modern as the French, right? For that little bit of je ne sais quoi, add in a Parisian- style antique chandelier.

Parisian chic is a chandelier

  1. Dual accents are the best way of creating a balanced modern look. Two of each, please!

No time like the present to update your living room, so get started today!