Easter is the highlight of anyone’s spring, and it’s the perfect time to spend some quality time with your little ones, whether it’s sharing an Easter egg or going on a hunt to find them. But the fun doesn’t have to be limited just to Easter Sunday, getting the house decorated for the Easter Bunny’s arrival can be a great source of fun for kids both big and small in the run up to Easter. Don’t be fooled into thinking all you can do is paint a few hardboiled eggs, either, one of the great things about this holiday is that it’s a real celebration of colour, so the ways to be creative are endless. Here are some of our favourite, unusual Easter craft ideas you can try at home both with your kiddies, or just your design-loving friends:

1.     Easter Tree

Alright, it may not be as good as decorating a Christmas tree but there’s no reason you can celebrate spring and its message of new life with the perfect symbol of nature. Keep it simple and stick some twigs in a pot for a quick and easy Easter tree or go one step better than you might in December and opt for a tree with its roots intact in a pot so it can continue to grow. Try a rose tree, bay tree or fragrant lavender tree and decorate in a non-invasive way that still lets the plant bloom like ribbon around the bark, with a few eggs at the base. Better yet, opt for a fruit tree, full of its own natural baubles like lemons or oranges.

2.     Signs for the Easter Bunny

This is a great one for the kids, and, like all good Easter arts and crafts ideas, can be adapted depending on what you have to hand. Coloured paper, wood, fabric or even a spare canvas and some paint are all great ways to form signs to tell Mr. Bunny where to head. Try a wooden sign “Deliver eggs here” in the garden, and paper decorations around the home. You can also combine this Easter craft idea with the egg hunt and design signs, both real and misleading to direct your hunters to their prize.

3.     Easter Wreath

Another decorating idea adopted from Christmas, a wreath can be for far more than a bit of festive decoration, and the Easter wreath designs you can create with colourful Easter flowers are sure to win a permanent position on your wall! Easter is packed full of gorgeous motifs, whether its adorable bunnies, colourful eggs or beautiful blooms you choose to feature in your wreath, this is one craft idea where you can really let your creativity shine!

4.     Easter Origami

You don’t have to break the bank to get creative – have a sheet of paper to hand? Then try some origami! Origami is a skill that kids love to learn about, sure it takes time, patience and a bit of concentration but the results are sure not make both adults and kids feel a bit proud of themselves. Try a bunny bookmark, a rabbit mini egg holder or a family of Easter chicks! The great thing about origami is that it can be adapted to any holiday or event, you just need to get practising!

5.     Easter Crackers

Yet another Christmas-inspired Easter craft idea, crackers are actually a fantastic way to store eggs during an Easter egg hunt, especially for fussy little ones who may not want to eat an egg if its foil is covered with soil. Easter crackers can be as easy to make as covering a kitchen roll tube in wrapping paper and twisting both ends. Contents can be anything from eggs to cute little chick figurines to simply a burst of glitter, the perfect decoy during a competitive Easter egg hunt!

6.     Make a Calendar

Alright, so this may be something you should have done way back in January, but there’s no reason you can’t make a calendar at any time of year, it’s a really easy craft that lets you add a calendar schedule to anything you fancy! Add a monthly diary to a photo and hang away or make a desk calendar to spruce up your workspace. Spring imagery is among some of the most popular, with flowers, nature and hazy sunny landscapes being used throughout the year as decoration, so Easter is the perfect time to make some functional wall hangings yourself! If your kids are more about digital, try getting a personalised calendar printed!

7.     Easter Bonnets

Everyone wants to look their best on Easter day, so get your inner fashionista working and make yourself an Easter bonnet. Once a huge tradition, this craft has now been put on the back burner by many, so it’s the perfect unusual Easter craft. This is a great Easter craft idea for kids with a budding passion for fashion, but there is definitely no reason why fully-fledged fashionistas can’t harness the flower crown trend in the name of Easter celebrations!

8.     Paper flowers

Following on from origami and in the spirit of spring, paper flowers are a gorgeous way to add a splash of colour to the proceedings. You can keep kid friendly and make flowers from a handprint or get more stylish and create some truly stunning paper pieces that ooze modern style.

9.     Eggcellent Modern Art

Eggs? Count. Paint? Count. Canvas? Count. Combine the three and what do you have? Some amazing modern art that everyone is sure to enjoy. Empty eggshells filled with paint and thrown at a canvas are a great way to create amazing abstract art as well as have fun with a bit of creative destruction! It’s also a great stress reliever if the run up to the day has got you worked up!

10. Print away!

Easter eggs are just about the easiest subjects of a good old fashioned potato print, but there are plenty other things that can be used for a pretty print. Take yourself or the little ones on a nature hike and see what you can pick up. A thick twig can leave a great shape when printed with paint, an ivy leaf is perfect for chick’s wings. Or just rummage around the house and get creative with buttons, corks and you’re your own fingerprints! Of course, a love of printing can always be realised with a few favourite photos!

11. Grab the Shaving Foam

Marble-effect dyed Easter eggs are a popular way to add colour to the Easter lunch table, but the traditional method that involves water, vinegar, swirling and patience can quickly become tedious when you have a dozen eggs to work through. Try this new method with shaving foam for a tactile treat that is sure to keep kids and adults enthralled til the last egg!

12. Easter Cake Containers

These totally adorable cake slice holders are easy to make from paper and the perfect Easter gift idea for loved ones. What’s better than handmade cake wrapped to perfection? If folding the perfect carrot is too trying for you, there are plenty ways to deliver a slice of lovingly made Easter cake, carefully crafted Easter biscuits and other sweet treats – how about neatly packaged inside a personalised mug?

13. Flower Pots

Spring is all about flowers and you’re sure to have bunches of daffodils incoming, so make sure you have a pretty pot to set them in. Terracotta planters are cheap to pick up and perfect for painting. Whether you let the kids have free reign or try your own hand at some stylish designs, plant pots are a horribly overlooked opportunity for creativity!

14. Balloons, Balloons, Balloons!

Balloons are a great base for hundreds of Easter egg craft ideas that feature papier mache. From giant Easter eggs to piñatas to the golden egg treat boxes, a single balloon can become the Easter egg of dreams! Cut one in half, add a handle and you have an Easter basket or stick ears on for a fantastically unique homemade bunny party hat!

15. Egg Box Painting

Everyone’s busy painting their Easter eggs and so often they forget that the egg box needs a bit of creative love too! A lick of paint, bed of shredded green paper for grass and voila, the perfect showcase for show-stopping Easter eggs.

Have we missed any key craft creations out? Let us know!